Subway Surfers is a fun arcade and reflex game. At its core, the title is about endless running, and you need to generate the highest possible score. The game world is infinite, but it does reuse textures and locations, so you will find regions similar to one another.

How to Download Subway Surfers

To download the game click on the Download button at the end of the review. You can enjoy the game on iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8 and Kindle.

The Game Review

What matters in the game is that you are surfing on the subway lines, and you need to acquire the highest score that you can. Since this is a game for children, there is no gore. Sure, you can run into a train, but nothing is violent here, the game is pretty simple and it always manages to bring in front some cute and interesting moments for you to explore.

The game allows you to traverse multiple levels, and there are numerous characters to choose from. Each character has his/her own abilities and you will find some cool new ways to expand their skills too.

The more you play, the more stuff you can unlock. The unlockables vary from simple items to things that are a lot more valuable such as abilities. These things will help improve the experience, as you will have the ability to customize your character in any way that you want.

Subway Surfers goes even further by allowing you to wear costumes and so on. You will have to purchase these with real money. Or you can grind these in the game if you want, but that will extend the play time a lot more.

The courses are randomly generated, so no two courses are the same. Instead, you will get to explore new locations and features every time. And if you want, you can choose to grind in order to obtain a specific item. There’s no certain way to play here, you are free to make your own choices and explore stuff the way you see fit. That’s what gives character to the game, and it also makes things more interesting than ever before.

Thanks to Subway Surfers you will always have a good time, as the game is very addicting. It always encourages you to enter one more turn and maybe get a new high score. The lack of violence makes it suitable even for kids, and it does encourage competition in a fun and safe way.

Plus, you are not required to purchase anything inside the game. Sure, you can do that if you want, but it’s not mandatory. This makes the gameplay a lot better because you are always in control and you are free to play in any way you want. The theme is great, and they expanded the game with new features and unique elements all the time.

Visually the title looks stunning. It was constantly updated with stuff, and that on its own brings in a whole lot of value to a title like this. It’s a great experience to play this game, regardless of the age, which means everyone should at least try it out!

8.5 Total Score

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