World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz is a downloadable game and an attempt to transfer the famous WOT to the mobile screens. As in the case of the prototype, the player will be controlling a tank and engaging in military duels with players from all over the world. In World of Tanks Blitz, there are several different game modes implemented. The studio behind the game is the Belarusian, which is known mainly because of the title discussed earlier. World of Tank Blitz was released December 16, 2015, and is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and also PC systems. The game is free to play and download.

World of Tanks Blitz – How to Play

The plot of the game focuses on the clashes between the tanks. The player controls the historical 20th-century machines, staging the most famous battles and duels. In the game, there are nearly 90 models of realistic looking machines. The game is based on network play. The players of opposing armies compete on large maps. This mobile version of the title allows the players to interact regardless of the platform on which they play the game.

How the Game Is Different from the traditional WoT

The mechanics of the game are transferred from the original version of World of Tanks. Only the controls have been slightly adjusted. They have been somewhat simplified due to the limitations of smartphones and touchscreens. The number of tanks participating in the game has also been reduced. In the original WOT game there could be up to 30 of them, the mobile version has limited this number to just 14. The game modes available in Blitz are should be well known to the FPS gamers, so we’ll find here classic capture the flag or the mode where the players need to control and defend certain spots on the map.

The armored vehicles available in the game are divided into ten levels. By gaining experience and climbing up in rankings, we unlock more vehicles. In World of Tanks: Blitz, we also have a virtual garage, in which we keep our machines and where they undergo upgrades and modifications.

The graphics had to be tuned down as well. The duels are played out on smaller maps, which in turn guarantees faster and more intense gameplay. There is less time for careful strategic planning. More important are the manual skills and fast thinking. We should also mention that the game is balance intelligently. It doesn’t introduce machines that are too powerful and doesn’t favor the players who use micropayments.

Comparing this game to World of Tanks, one cannot help but notice that these games are quite a bit different. The gameplay in the mobile version is faster and more arcade. The simplified control makes the World of Tank Blitz even affordable for beginners. The game is not a pure 1:1 conversion of the PC title. It is a separate game which produces totally different impressions.

World of Tanks Blitz
World of Tanks Blitz is a mobile version of the famous World of Tanks. Download the game for free on your phone or PC and check out other players online.
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