I love sci-fi and I love mystery and when I saw the trailer for Netflix’s 1899 I was sure it would be a show that was perfect for me. Once I watched that final episode, I was left with way more questions than answers, but not in a good way. This is not a bad show and I will certainly check out the second season (if it gets made) however, I will admit, I was a bit disappointed with this show.

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The Movie Review

The series takes place in “1899” and it is about this large ship that is leaving Europe to go to America. On board, this ship there are various people who are heading to America to start a new life. I will say that the show does a good job of giving each of the main cast a time to shine, explaining their motivations, and so on for why they are leaving their home countries.

I do feel that the show is a bit start with, but at the same time, they do have to introduce the characters. The company that owns this ship lost another large vessel at sea, but it has mysteriously turned up. It is decided to go and see what happened on this other ship and this is where things start to get very weird.

The first part of the show is like a typical mystery-style show and then about halfway through it, we get all of the sci-fi stuff taking center stage. I love both these genres, but I feel had they gone for 6, maybe 4 episodes and tightened things up, the show would have been all the better for it if I am being honest.

I have heard people compare the show to the amazing, Dark. In terms of its style and presentation, Dark is a very good comparison This is one of the most stylish-looking shows of the year and I love how when we get the twist at the end, it is such a vast contrast in style to the first 90 percent of the show.

For me, 1899 has more in common with one of the greatest shows of all time, Lost than it does Dark. The thing is, this show just throws mystery after mystery at you, and next to none of them get any payoff here. It is kind of like weird and strange events happening just for the sake of it. Lost did this as well, but I feel they pulled it off much better in Lost.

It does set things up for a second season and if they manage to pay off some of the story threads that were dangled here, I will say I was wrong and the whole thing is very clever. However, I have a bad feeling that this could be the kind of show that solves a mystery by leading you straight into another one.

From what I have seen online, more people seem to like this show than do not. I would say that I liked it, but I did not love it. I am interested in some of the mysteries that it laid out, but I hope that these are actually tied up if the show does get a second season. Let’s face it with the way Netflix cancels shows these days, nothing is guaranteed a second season!

1899 is a mystery science fiction TV series released in 2022. Download it now and see what happened on board the Kerberos.
7.5 Total Score
1899 Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The show does make you wonder just what is going on
  • I liked the twist at the end of the series
  • The style of the show is very dark and I like that a lot
  • If it does get a second season and ties up the various mysteries it had, it could be pretty damn epic!
  • They could have streamlined this into fewer episodes
  • If we do not get a second season to tie things up, there is no point in watching this show at all!
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