Batman (1989)

Batman is a 1989 action film directed by Tim Burton, best known for his work on quirky films like Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Based on the massively popular DC comics of the same name, Batman propels viewers into the sleazy town of Gotham City, where rampant crime and corrupt politicians are commonplace. With the city about to celebrate its 200th anniversary, a recent surge in crime rates could spell disaster for Gotham.

Luckily, a masked vigilante known only as the Batman looks to protect the city using his signature brand of justice. Considered by many to be one of the best superhero films of all time, Batman offers a dark and aloof adventure with some iconic performances.

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The Movie Review

The story of Batman is pretty straightforward and slightly silly by modern superhero movie standards, but offers a clean and easy-to-follow adventure for viewers to enjoy. Set on the grimy streets of Gotham City, the film follows the story of Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton), a rich yet secretive citizen who lives a double life as the masked vigilante known as the Batman. At the beginning of the film, Gotham’s criminal element endures a bit of a shakeup, as current mob boss Carl Grissom (Jack Palance) betrays fellow associate Jack Napier (Jack Nicholson).

During a set-up at the Axis Chemicals plant, Jack runs into both the Gotham police and Batman, enduring a gruesome incident when he falls into a vat of volatile chemicals.

When compared to the big-budget, action-filled superhero films of today, 1989’s Batman might seem a bit slow-paced or awkward. A lot of the action scenes are goofy and cartoon-like, with over-the-top fight choreography and stunts.

There are also some glaring examples of aging special effects, which can break the immersion and flow of the film. However, what the movie lacks in flashy effects and seriousness, it exceeds with great performances, a compelling storyline, and fantastic costuming and set design. Gotham feels like a real and tangible city, swallowed by garbage bags, smog-filled skies, and broken-down cars. Although the action can feel aloof and silly, the story and setting are notably authentic and a treat for fans of the franchise.

Thanks to some truly impressive performances, fun characters, and a great vision from director Tim Burton, the 1989 adaptation of Batman stands true as one of the best feature-length films based on the caped crusader.

Batman (1989)
Batman is a 1989 superhero movie directed by Tim Burton. Download it now and watch Michael Keaton as Batman.
8.5 Total Score
Batman (1989) Review Summary

  • Evocative atmosphere and set design
  • Iconic acting performances
  • Excellent score
  • Dated special effects
  • The first half of the movie is slowly paced
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