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I thought that the first Bird Box was a pretty solid horror/thriller movie and featured a great performance from Sandra Bullock and the two young actors playing her children. When I heard that Netflix was making another movie called, Bird Box Barcelona I had very high hopes for it.

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You can download or stream the film from Netflix. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. If you want to see more of Georgina Campbell who plays one of the main roles, check her out also in Barbarian.

The Movie Review

Well, I got myself and the wife a bunch of epic snacks, we fired up the movie and we went into it with high expectations that it was going to be a fun time. Turns out the only fun that I had was chowing down on my obscene amount of snacks as this movie did not click for me at all.

I hate to say that as I really liked the first one. Actually, a few days after watching Bird Box Barcelona, I watched the original movie again to see if it was as good as I remembered and it was! I think that they were pinning all their hopes of Bird Box Barcelona on the big “twist” however, I thought it was blatantly obvious what this so-called twist was right from the star!

The premise of the movie is similar to the first. There is a global pandemic where these creatures when seen, cause mass panic and fear in humans, causing them to kill themselves. It is a great premise in the original movie and that is still true here with this movie.

While most of the people who see the creatures will kill themselves, some of them end up going mad (or were mad in the first place) and try to make others see them, some seeing them as some kind of divine beings sent by God! Our main character is a man called Sebastian who along with his daughter tries to survive in Barcelona.

They meet new people along the way and encounter many dangers too. The main problem is that none of the characters here are likable at all! Sebastian is a straight-up asshole and most of the people he encounters are not all that great either. Right from the start and until the movie ends, you never really care for any of the people.

Also, I have to say that I was really hopeful for some more information about what these creatures/beings actually are. A great contrast is A Quiet Place Part II, it drip feeds bits of information to give us more of an idea about what the creatures were without specifically saying so. I feel like they could have done that here, instead, we are no further ahead knowing what the deal here really is.

That really sucks as I am very into the whole premise of the Bird Box universe, but I am at a point now where I need to know more about what they are to keep being invested. I do not need a massive explanation, but a little bit of info would be better than just leaving it to our imaginations which feels kind of lazy.

I will say that the Barcelona setting is great, kind of gives the movie a very different look from the first one and to be fair, the actors do a good job and the best that they could with the material they were given to work with. I watched this dubbed in English and had no problem with it, but you could always watch it in Spanish with subtitles if you wanted a more authentic experience.

Bird Box Barcelona
Bird Box Barcelona is a spin-off to the 2018 film Bird Box, both being post-apocalyptic horror titles based on a book by American novelist Josh Malerman. Download it now.
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Bird Box Barcelona Review Summary

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  • The Barcelona setting was cool
  • I am sure some people will get a kick out of the “twist”
  • I feel that the actors did the best they could
  • While I did not like this movie, I would be interested in more Bird Box movies
  • The story just sucks and gives you nothing, even the twist was predictable for me
  • None and I mean none of the characters in this movie were likable at all!
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