Brand New Cherry Flavor

I have to start by saying that Brand New Cherry Flavor is the craziest Netflix show I have ever seen. This show has it all from the occult, zombies, kittens, and more, and the kittens… well, I legit do not know how to tell you those fit into this. The show is weird, it is crazy and it is just the kind of thing you have to watch for yourself. I will say that if you like stuff like American Horror Story, you will probably have fun with this.

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You can download or stream the film from Netflix. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. If you like horror series, check out also The Haunting of Hill House

The Movie Review

Our main character is a young woman who has dreams of becoming a filmmaker so she heads to LA. This young woman is called Lisa (Rosa Salazar) and she ends up trusting the wrong person and this sets her on the craziest path you could imagine! She wants to do what she wants to do, but she is also out for revenge at the same time.

The cast in this show is just spectacular. The rapport between Lisa and the awesome Boro played by Catherine Kinnear is just great. Actually, I have seen Catherine Kinnear in a few things and this now is my favorite role I have ever seen her in. I also really liked the movie producer in the show, Lou Burke who was played by Eric Lange. Seriously, they could not have cast these roles any better.

I really like Lisa, she has such a cool demeanor about her and you do want her to get what is hers, but at the same time, you do think that she is going a tad too far. I would describe Brand New Cherry Flavor as a horror show, but it is a very witty, grotesque, and smart horror show that especially in the first six episodes is some of the best stuff Netflix has put out.

From dealing with hit men to a tattoo artist with some very special curse abilities, you never know what this show is going to throw your way and those first six episodes just flew by. They were so entertaining and so “smart” that I thought this show was perfect. However, the last two episodes I feel do let it down a tad.

They are not bad or anything like that, but things just start to get a tad too silly for my taste, to be fair this could be just me as most people do love all eight episodes. However, I felt that some of the things the characters did in the last two episodes did feel a tad out of place and just a way to bring the story to a close.

I also have to say that Brand New Cherry Flavor is one of the best-looking shows on Netflix. It has some very gruesome body horror-style moments that will have your mouth wide open. The wheel aesthetic of this side of Los Angeles is very well done and the slick way it is all shot just makes it something that is very easy on the eyes… well in a messed-up kind of way.

I had a blast with Brand New Cherry Flavor and it came so close to being a perfect show for me. This is a “limited series” so as far as we know this is a one-and-done type of show, perfect if you do not want to have to invest a ton of time into something. If you enjoy horror, especially horror that is super weird and crazy, you will have an awesome time with this!

Brand New Cherry Flavor
Brand New Cherry Flavor is a limited horror TV series consisting of eight episodes. It is based on the novel by Todd Grimson (1952). Download it now.
9 Total Score
Brand New Cherry Flavor Review Summary

  • Rosa Salazar and Catharine Kinnear steal the show!
  • I loved how weird and odd everything in this show was
  • It looks fantastic, especially if you love grotesque stuff!
  • The whole series is like being on a crazy and wild rollercoaster
  • I did feel that the show lost a bit of steam towards the end
  • A show like this may be too weird and grotesque for some people
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