Child’s Play (2019)

I will admit that when I heard that Child’s Play 2019 was a thing, I was not all that excited. I liked what had been done with Curse and Cult of Chucky and thought the idea of having a secondary rebooted Child’s Play series was kind of odd. Well, I was wrong, this is a great example of how to do a reimagining or a reboot.

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Our Review – Exploring the New Child’s Play Movie

As we do have Curse, Cult, and the Chucky TV series, I am glad that this movie goes for a completely new approach. While we still have Karen and Andy Barclay here, there is no voodoo or Charles Lee Ray in this Child’s Play. The movie takes place in the modern day and the tech toy sweeping the world is Buddi. Buddi is an AI-driven doll that is designed to learn and be a friend to a child for many years.

It is like a high-tech modern version of what the Good Guy Doll was in the original Child’s Play. However, at the assembly factory in Vietnam, one of the production workers snaps after being abused by his boss and he turns off all the AI safety protocols on a Buddi doll and that doll ends up in America!

This doll ends up at a Chicago retail store where it is returned as it is not working properly. Karen Barclay ends up convincing the guy on the returns truck to let her take this damaged Buddi doll so that she can give it to her son Andy. Aubrey Plaza as Karen is awesome and I have to say that young Gabriel Bateman is awesome as Andy.

The Evolution of Chucky

Andy has been having a tough time making friends. Andy is also a bit older in this movie than he was in the original. Andy starts messing with his new Buddi doll and realizes that it is different from all the others. It can swear and it can learn things that it should not be able to and he even gives himself the name of Chucky!

Andy makes friends with two people in his building and they all have a lot of fun messing around with Chucky. However, Chucky takes things literally and when Andy says that he is sick of his cat or wishes his mom’s boyfriend would go away, Chucky gets stabby and thinks he is helping Andy and being a good friend! It is a very interesting way to have Chucky kill people and as his AI grows, he becomes more and more crazy.

A New Voice for a Familiar Doll

We have no Brad Dourif voicing Chucky which I was concerned with as his voice is Chucky! However, they got Mark Hammill who I am a massive fan of and Mark Hammill does a great job of bringing this new and different version of Chucky to life. He is an AI at the end of the day, but as he learns, he kind of becomes more “human” in the way he talks.

Final Thoughts on the 2019 Child’s Play

I will admit, I was completely surprised by how good Child’s Play 2019 ended up being. When this was being made, I thought it sounded so stupid, but they pulled it off! We already have the Chucky we know and love in his own series, so going the reboot/reimagining for modern audiences route was a good choice. Child’s Play 2019 is number 5 on my best Chucky movies list.

Child's Play (2019)
Child's Play (2019) reinvents the classic horror with AI-gone-wrong Chucky, offering a fresh, tech-savvy take on the iconic killer doll. Download it now.
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Child's Play (2019) Review Summary

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  • This was a great way to modernize the original Child’s Play
  • Having an older Andy with some friends was cool
  • I thought Mark Hammill did a great job as Chucky
  • Having Chucky be a rogue AI was an interesting idea
  • Why cannot I get this on 4K???
  • It is very, very unlikely that this will get a sequel
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