Chucky (TV series)

The Chucky TV series completely blew me away! We have looked at all of the Child’s Play and Chucky movies so far here on the site and I finally got around to watching the first two seasons of Chucky. As I write this season 3 is currently on the air, but I am waiting until it is all done so I can binge-watch it. That means what I talk about in this review only relates to the first two seasons.

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The Movie Review

Chucky’s Sequel

Chucky is a sequel to Cult of Chucky and all of the other movies that came before it. It takes place just a few weeks after the events of Cult of Chucky in the town of Hackensack New Jersey. A teenager called Jake finds Chucky at a yard sale and brings him home with the intent of turning him into a sculpture.

Jake’s Turbulent Life and Chucky’s Manipulation

Jake has a rough home life. Jake’s mother is dead, his father is an alcoholic and kind of abusive and he is filled with rage. Chucky taps into Jake’s rage and tries to manipulate him into becoming a killer. It is like Chucky sees something in Jake and he wants to take him under his wing.

Well, “tragedy” strikes and Jake has to move in with his uncle (his brother’s twin), his aunt, and his cousin Junior who he is not exactly close to. At school, Junior’s girlfriend bullies Jake and she is super mean and just downright horrible. Jake makes a friend called Devon and the two guys really hit it off and become close.

No spoilers for what goes down, but Chucky is awesome! It has twists and turns and fleshes out the Chucky lore in ways that I did not even think were possible. As well as the stuff that is happening in the present, it has flashbacks to Charles Lee Ray as a child, teenager, young adult, and even his early crazy days with Tiffany.

The way that the show brings back all these characters from the Chucky and Child’s Play movies is all done really well. It manages to mix a new cast of characters that are the leads, but it fits in the characters we know such as Andy, Tiffany, and Nica as well and it all feels very natural.

Balancing Humor and Horror

I also think that it manages to walk a much finer line of being funny as well as violent and shocking. The humor that is here is mostly from Chucky and his vulgar mouth, but that is what we want at the end of the day. Some of the past movies went way too far with the humor and I think this show gets the balance just right.

Impressive Performances

Our teenage lead actors do a fantastic job. You care about these characters and they have a special bond that comes as a result of having to fight off Chucky and all the craziness around him. I will say that I much preferred the first season of Chucky over season two. I am not saying the second season is bad or anything, but season one clicked with me more.

Final Thoughts

Despite being a big fan of the franchise, I was not expecting a great deal from the Chucky TV series if I am being honest, however, I was blown away by how good it turned out to be. I am legit very excited to start watching season three and I am sure I will binge-watch it in just a few days. Oh, I have to say that I get such a kick out of when at the start of an episode it says “previously on f*****g Chucky” that I am bummed out when some episodes leave out the F word!

Chucky (TV series)
Chucky TV series is a thrilling horror sequel with clever humor, memorable characters, and captivating twists. Must-watch! Download it now.
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Chucky (TV series) Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The way that this expands the lore and world of Chucky is crazy
  • It never gets old hearing Chucky curse and do crazy stuff!
  • The three lead teenagers are fantastic and characters you grow to care about
  • This is one of my favorite entries in the Chucky series!
  • You can sometimes tell it is a person and not a doll when Chucky is running
  • Chucky’s face can sometimes look a bit weird
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