I am pretty pumped to get the chance to talk to you fine folks about Dexter today. This is a top-ten TV show of all time for me! I would put this show in the same bracket as The Sopranos, The X Files, Lost, This Is Us, Breaking Bad, and Stranger Things, all shows that I just adore and have seen multiple times!

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Back when Dexter started (which was all the way back in 2006) the wife (girlfriend at the time) was interested in the show because we love serial killers! Wait, that sounded really bad, we are not sitting there with flags or serial killer t-shirts. We loved watching movies and shows about them and Dexter seemed very interested.

What we thought was going to be a show about another serial killer turned out to be so much more! If you have not seen all eight seasons of the show, do not worry I am not going into spoiler territory here. Dexter is one of those shows that constantly keeps you hanging. Back when this aired having to wait a week for a new episode was brutal.

I kind of envy you guys who are new to this and can binge-watch it! The show stars Michael C Hall as Dexter. Dexter works for the Miami PD in their forensic department and his specialty is blood splatter analysis. Of course, the twist here is that Dexter is not just solving crimes, he is also committing them as he is a serial killer!

You see, Dexter saw his mother be brutally murdered when he was a small boy and this made something in him snap. Dexter was adopted by a police officer and he realized early on that Dexter had psychotic tendencies, but he helps Dexter with this. He installs a code in Dexter so that Dexter only kills those who are bad and who have somehow escaped justice!

This show really is awesome! It is such a brilliant concept to have this man solving crimes during the day and then brutally killing people and slicing them up then disposing of the bodies later. Dexter is kind of like two people, two people who need to co-exist and as the seasons go on, things get more and more complicated for Dexter as “life” gets in the way.

The ”serial killer” antics in the show are great and Dexter’s kill room and the extreme precision he carries out his crimes so as not to be caught is pretty crazy to see. It is also interesting to see the way this man has to navigate the “normal” world to make people think that he is a regular Joe.

There are eight seasons of Dexter (as well as a follow-on series released last year). I would probably say that in my personal opinion the show really peaked with season 4, which is my favorite. However, this is one of those rare shows where I feel that there is not a bad season in the bunch. The ending… well it is an ending and it kind of splits people in regards if they like it or if they do not.

If you have not already watched Dexter, you need to! Dexter is one of the best shows about a serial killer I have ever seen. The writing and acting are just incredible and the kills are crazy and some of the most brutal you will see in a TV show.  Just be warned that this is the kind of show where one episode will turn into two, two into four, and then before you know it is 3 AM and you have watched half a season!

Dexter is a crime TV series about a forensic analyst who kills bad guys in his spare time. Download it now and see what happened.
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Dexter Review Summary

  • Dexter is one of the most interesting characters to ever be in a TV show!
  • If you love shows about serial killers, you will get a huge kick out of this show
  • There are eight seasons and they are all good!
  • Each episode makes you want to jump straight into the next one
  • The ending is something that people either really like or do not!
  • The show is a pretty big commitment so make sure you have no other shows you want to watch before you start this!
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