“From the executive producers of Lost” was all I needed to see to make From a TV show I had to watch. Horror is the wife and I’s favorite genre so any show that has a premise or style like From is always going to be something that grabs our attention. The first season was a lot of fun and as I write this season 2 is currently airing, but I am waiting for it all to be done before I start it.

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In the USA, From is an MGM + show, just what we needed right, another streaming service! However, in the UK, I watched this on Amazon Prime so I think it all depends on where you live as to what streaming service is offering. I do think it is worth checking out, especially if you like horror and TV shows that have a real mystery aspect about them like Lost and Under the Dome.

You do not have to worry about me spoiling anything for you here, From is one of those shows that throws up more questions than it does answers so even though I have seen the show, I still am not sure where it is all going to go.

However, it has been one hell of a ride and I was legit excited to start each episode. Now, I can see why some may find the show too weird, too cryptic, and offer a lack of answers so for some, it may be a frustrating show to watch.

I thought this was a great show! It ticked all the boxes of what I like and as someone that loved Lost, I went into this knowing it was going to be a real mind-bender with lots of unanswered questions. I actually like that about the show, plus, Lost alumni, Harold Perrineau being the main guy was pretty damn awesome.

The premise of From is that we have this rather “normal” looking middle America town. The thing is, no one can leave this town and when they try, they just loop back and end up back in it. It is a very interesting premise and the town being cut off from the outside world is similar to the island in Lost or the town in Under the Dome.

We have a man called, Boyd that tries to keep order and everyone safe, but keeping people safe here is easier said than done. It is bad enough that people cannot leave, but shapeshifting monsters live in the woods and stalk the town at night, ripping apart anyone they find!

It makes for some very creepy scenes and I think that this show is at its very best when it is dark and you can hardly see as it just ramps up the tension to about an 11! This town and the whole vibe I get reminds me of a game called, The Evil Within 2. We start to get more and more information about this town, but we are still left with so many questions about what it really is, how long has it been going on, and what actually are these creatures!

Now, I have said multiple times that I loved Lost and the whole mystery aspect of it. My wife did not! She did finish the first season with me, but she was one of those that did find it frustrating not knowing what was going on. Of course, the real danger is if they can pull it all off with an ending that gives you the answers and is cool and makes sense! With how it is going so far, I have faith that they can do that.

I highly recommend that you give From a try. I will say that it is the kind of show that demands your attention so no messing on your phone while watching it! If you get into this, trust me, it is one hell of a fun ride and I cannot wait for season two to be completed (the last episode is due at the end of June) so I can binge-watch it all!

From is a horror TV series that premiered in 2022. Download it now and see what happening in one American town.
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  • If you liked Lost, you will like this show
  • I love the creepy middle American setting
  • It is a very character driven show and the acting is fantastic
  • Each episode gives you more questions than it does answers!
  • I can see why some may find the lack of answers frustrating
  • It is always a challenge for a show like this to nail the ending
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