Halloween Ends

To say that I was excited about Halloween Ends is a massive understatement. I thought that 2018 Halloween was great and while not quite as good, I felt that Halloween Kills was setting things up for an epic conclusion. The more I think about it, the more I realize, Halloween Ends was one of my most anticipated movies of the year!

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The Movie Review

It is brought to us by most of the same team from the last two movies and Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, and Nick Castle all return in front of the camera too. The trailers looked great and everything was pointing towards this being a thrilling and exciting conclusion for a franchise that has been going for over 40 years.

Now, I have to say that Halloween Ends is probably my most disappointing movie of the year. It starts off at 1000 mph with an awesome intro where we get to see babysitter, Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell) accidentally kills a young boy. It is intense, and very well done and it made me wonder just where they were going with this.

The town of Haddonfield is still reeling after the events of Halloween Kills where the town joined forces to try and take down the boogieman that is Michael Myers. After Corey accidentally kills this young boy, we jump forward three years. Here we see Laurie Strode and her granddaughter from the last two movies, Allyson just trying their best to live their lives.

Now, the problem I had with Halloween Kills is that for a movie that is the end of a franchise, rather than focusing on Michael Myers and Laurie Strode, it is about this new character Corey who we just got introduced to in this movie. It is about his descent into evil and how Allyson is following him down this path.

There is surprisingly very little Michael Myers in this movie and while the actor playing Corey does a great job, I just found myself not actually caring about this guy! Where is Michael? Why is Michael not the one doing this? These were what I felt were legit questions I was asking on more than one occasion!

The way the relationship between Laurie and Allyson was breaking down as Laurie realized that she saw in Corey what she saw in Michael was kind of interesting, to be honest with you. However, this was supposed to be the end of a saga and bringing the story of Michael Myers to a close, and to be fair, I think that the way it ends does kind of rid the world of this boogeyman that has terrorized the town of Haddonfield for decades, but it felt very flat.

I will say that some of the kills in this movie are pretty damn brutal and some of the most violent that we have seen in the series. However, there are some stretches of the movie where it feels like nothing is actually happening. You are just sitting there waiting for Michael to show up and do something awesome and you only get that a couple of times.

Halloween Ends is not a terrible film at all, but it is a very, very disappointing one. Halloween 2018 was great and I felt that Halloween Kills was good and set things up for something very special. Instead, I felt like we got a movie that threw in a new character that was very hard to care about. You may want to wait to catch this one on a streaming service than making the effort to head out to a movie theatre!

Halloween Ends
Halloween Ends is the 13th film in the acclaimed series of slasher movies. Download it now and to see how the 2018 trilogy ends.
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Halloween Ends Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Some of the kills are brutal
  • The special effects for some of the kills are fantastic
  • The movie has an excellent soundtrack
  • I am legit interested to see how they reboot the series after this
  • Why is the final movie of this saga about a new character just introduced here?
  • This is one of the most disappointing movies I have seen in a very long time
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