To say that I was all in on the first season of Heroes is a massive understatement. Heroes came out at the absolute perfect time. The first season came out just as superheroes were becoming mainstream. The MCU had not started yet, but we had the X-Men movies, Spider-ManFantastic 4 and so on. It came out at a time when people expected far less from something related to superheroes than they do now.

How to Download Heroes

The first episode of the show was released on September 25 2006 and the viewers enjoyed the series until February 8, 2010. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice.

The Movie Review

Also, Heroes was one of those shows that did not mess around when it came to its seasons. These days, you get like 6 to 10 on a streaming service, maybe 14 if you are lucky, Heroes though was a full 23-episode first season and it was real appointment viewing for me each week it was on and I was not shy about wearing my “save the cheerleader, save the world” t-shirt.

Heroes – The Key Facts

Fact Information
TV Show Heroes
Release Timing First season aired during a time when superheroes were becoming mainstream, before the MCU started.
Release Date September 25, 20006
Character Focus Show presents various characters discovering, accepting, and dealing with their unique abilities.
Main Characters Peter (nurse with ability absorption), Claire (regenerating cheerleader), Hiro (time manipulation), Sylar (villain), and others.
Quality Over Seasons Quality of the show varied across its four seasons, with personal opinions on each season’s strengths and weaknesses.
Viewer Experience Personal experience of watching the series twice, owning all four seasons on DVD, and mixed feelings about later seasons.
Blu-Ray First season holds up well over time, but not enough motivation to upgrade to Blu-Ray due to evolving expectations.
Recommendation First season is recommended for watching, as it stands on its own, though later seasons might vary in viewer satisfaction.

Unique Presentation and Characters

The way Heroes was presented was really cool. We had different people that were discovering that they had abilities. There is a real human and personal touch to the show where we get to see the various characters discover, accept, and deal with their abilities and decide what the best thing that they can do with them. There is also the villain of the season, Sylar, hunting them down to kill them!

Heroes also has a very large cast of characters with the likes of Peter who is a nurse who can use other’s abilities, Claire, the cheerleader with regeneration abilities (played by Hayden Panettiere who you might remember as Kirby Reed from Scream 4 and Scream VI, Hiro who can tinker with space-time and many more. Each character gets their own little story arc and we, of course, get an overarching kind of story as well.

A Timeless First Season

That first season is awesome stuff and I have watched it twice and I have to say that Heroes more than holds up after over a decade. It is still a fun show and I think that the characters are likable and interesting and get you invested in what is going on. Now, after talking up the first season of Heroes like it is the greatest thing ever…. We have to get to the remaining three seasons.

Varying Quality Over Seasons

Heroes is a show where the quality for me dipped on a season-to-season basis. It got to the point where I was watching the fourth season out of habit and stubbornness that I had invested so much time into the show, I had to see it through. Hey, if you liked all four seasons of the show then great, and more power to you, I can only give you, my opinion.

Mixed Feelings and Personal Collection

Now, despite my saying that, I own all four seasons of Heroes on DVD and I have watched the entire series twice! I have to say that seasons 2 to 4 are not any better than I remember them being. Having the benefit to watch them as I want and not on a weekly basis did help and there were some neat storylines here and there such as season 3 being split into two chapters, each with a different focus.

Evolving Expectations

However, as Heroes progressed, so did what I wanted and expected from my superhero media. The fact that I have never felt the need to upgrade my Heroes DVDs to Blu-Ray is probably the best sign that this is not a show I hold in all that high regard. If my OCD wasn’t so bad, I would perhaps consider getting the first season on Blu-Ray!

Recommendation for Watching

Do I recommend that someone in 2023 (or beyond if you are from the future!) watches Heroes? I would say that the first season is most certainly watching and I think it stands on its own without making you desperate to watch season 2. Perhaps you will get more out of seasons 2 to 4 than I did, but I could happily go the rest of my life without watching the remaining three seasons of Heroes.

Heroes is a superhero TV series about people who gain different amazing abilities. Download it now and enjoy the action.
5 Total Score
Heroes Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The first season holds up and is still exciting and interesting
  • I liked the way that the characters dealt with their abilities
  • The whole serial killer hunting hero’s thing of the first season is good
  • The special effects are not bad for a show from the mid-00s
  • I give Season 1 8 out of 10
  • After season 1, the show just went on a very, very steep decline in quality
  • It is kind of shocking how poor the show became after that fantastic first season
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