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I will admit, I was pretty much fine with Scream 3 bringing things to a close and thought that was that for the franchise. I was shocked when in 2011 not only did we get a Scream 4, but this was not some kind of reboot, it was an actual sequel to Scream 3. Even with me being happy with the way that Scream 3 ended, I was very pumped to see what this would have in store.

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Scream 4 – a Review of the Surprising Sequel

This time around, the movie is brought back to Woodsboro, and the town is “celebrating” the 15th anniversary of the original Woodsboro killings. It is pretty morbid, but the town’s teenagers love this stuff and hold parties, dress up, and so on in celebration of the “celebrity” status of their town.

A New Wave of Ghostface Killings

Well, this year, things are different and there is a new Ghostface killing! This time around Dewey is now the town’s sheriff and he is joined by his deputies, Judy (who is awesome and has a crush on him) Hicks, and Perkins. Gale Weathers is now married to Dewey, but she has writer’s block and sees getting involved in trying to solve these murders as a way to get back on top.

Sidney Prescott Returns

Of course, we cannot leave out Sidney Prescott! Sidney conveniently is back in town to promote her new self-help book when these murders start and she is being framed as the main suspect! Scream 4 does an amazing job of making you actually think that Sidney could have snapped and has become the new Ghostface!

Introducing New Faces

We also have some new members of the Scream cast as there is a whole group of new teenagers. We have Robbie and Charlie who are horror fanatics that kind of work with Gale in trying to figure out who the killer is. They do a great job of making Gale seem desperate and willing to do anything to get back on top!

There is also Kirby, another horror fanatic, and Jill, Jill is Sidney’s cousin and she is one of my favorite characters in the entire franchise. Jill is played by Emma Roberts who I think is the ultimate modern-day scream queen and she is awesome in this role. More and more people end up dead as people try and figure out what is going on.

Playing with Horror Movie Rules

Like the past movies, Scream 4 plays with the rules of horror and slasher movies and this time it is the new teenagers that explain and play around with the rules. The new Ghostface is perhaps the craziest one that we have had yet and I think that the movie does a great job with not just making them crazy, but also explaining their motives. Yes, they are nuts, but in their own warped mind, what they are doing makes sense.

A Worthy Addition to the Franchise

While I was not sure if we needed a new Scream movie ten years after the last, especially when the last one ended the story, I am so glad that they did. This is an awesome movie, one that I would rank second after Scream 2! I think that they stayed true to the original trilogy all the while telling their own story and kicking the violence up a notch as well!

Scream 4
Scream 4 is the fourth film in the acclaimed slasher franchise. It was released 11 years after Scream 3. Download it now and have a good time guessing who's the killer this time.
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Scream 4 Review Summary

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  • This is my favorite Ghostface!
  • They did a good job of making this movie actually make sense after Scream 3
  • It was cool to see Dewey and Gale kind of swap roles
  • The new cast members were a lot of fun
  • Not enough people gave this one a chance
  • Some may not like that it has a bit more humor than the previous movies
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