Scream 3

Scream 3 was released in 2000, two years after Scream 2. While I like Scream 3, it is my least favorite of the trilogy, but I am not saying it is a bad movie, far from it. Although to be fair, I do feel like they wrap things up nicely with Scream 3 and give Sidney (and a few others) a good sending-off, well until Scream 4 ten years later of course.

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Scream 3 – the Movie Review – the Conclusion of a Trilogy

While Scream 3 may not be my favorite, it does have one of my favorite openings in the franchise. Cotton Weary is now a successful talk show host, but he gets a call from Ghost Face saying that he is going to kill his girlfriend. It is an awesome scene and it opens the movie up at like 100 MPH!

Unfolding the Story

The man handling the murder of Cotton and his girlfriend is Detective Kincaid. Detective Kincaid calls in Gale Weathers to come and help as she is the expert in these Ghostface murders. I should also mention that the setting for the movie this time around is Hollywood and they are making a third Stab movie!

Hollywood Intrigue

The third Stab movie is important as the director of the movie, a man called Roman has hired Deputy Dewey to work as an advisor on the movie. Gale and Dewey reunite and the two of them try and help Deputy Kincaid solve these recent Ghostface killings. You may be wondering, what about Sidney?

Sidney’s Recluse

Well, in Scream 3, Sidney is living as a recluse working as a phone operator for abused women. Ghostface somehow finds out where Sidney is and due o the recent killings, she comes out of hiding and goes to LA to try and help find out who this new Ghostface is and what Sidney’s connection to this whole thing is.

Exploring the Premise

The premise for Scream 3 is actually really cool, I like the Hollywood setting and the way that it once again plays around with the slasher/horror movie tropes. However, Scream 3 kicks things up a notch by also playing around with the whole toxic Hollywood culture as well which is pretty fun, especially with what has come out about some Hollywood executives in the last few years!

Nod to the Past

One thing that I loved was how they kind of brought Randy back, look if you are reading this, I am assuming you have already seen Scream 2, spoiler alert just in case! With Randy being dead, his sister, Martha shows up with a tape that Randy made to let his friends know the dangers of a third movie in the trilogy and how the rules are now pretty much out the window.

Character Growth and Closure

I like Sidney as a character and while Scream 3 is not my favorite, I do think Sidney has some fantastic character growth in this movie. They left the franchise alone for a decade and I have to say, I was perfectly happy with the way things ended for Sidney, Gale, and Dewey.

Final Thoughts

I think my problem with Scream 3 is that the killer (whose identity is very well concealed) was not something I thought was amazing, especially the connection to Sidney. Still, this is a great slasher/horror movie and I can never just watch Scream 1 or 2, I always end up having to watch the whole trilogy, which by the way has a fantastic 4K set that I highly recommend you add to your collection.

Scream 3
Scream 3 is the third movie in the famous series of slasher films. Download it now and see what happened to Sidney Prescott this time around.
8.5 Total Score
Scream 3 Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • They actually manage to end things on a really positive note
  • Sidney’s story arc manages to come full circle
  • The opening is pretty epic!
  • While this Ghostface is my least favorite, his reveal was very well hidden
  • This is my least favorite Ghostface in the franchise
  • This is a good movie, but it does not quite live up to Scream 2 for me
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