When I read the synopsis of Lifemark I thought that it had the potential to be a solid and deep drama movie. I did a little research and then noticed that it had a suspicious amount of 10/10 reviews on IMDB! This along with the fact that I thought the premise sounded promising made me want to watch it even more.

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The Movie Review

However, I did also read the term “faith-based” and “Christian drama” many times when trying to get information about the movie. In the end, I decided to fire up the trailer, it still looked interesting so I checked the movie out and it is actually pretty damn good and ideal if you are in the mood for a good drama about family.

Lifemark is actually based on the true story of a man called, David Scotton. David in the movie is an 18-year-old kid who has a good heart, a good family, and a pretty decent life. He in many ways is your typical 18-year-old, but his world is about to be changed and changed forever.

You see, David was put up for adoption as a baby. The twist here is that his mother, Melissa is literally about to get an abortion when she has a change of heart (or faith in this movie’s case) and decides to have the baby, but put him up for adoption instead. I know some people say the whole Christianity/God thing here is a little on the nose, but I never actually felt that way, I have seen way worse and pushier, trust me!

David is raised by the Scotton family and things are going well for the most part. However, his birth mother decides to reach out to David and try to start some kind of relationship and that is basically the main plot thread of the movie. I will admit on paper, this sounds like a million other movies out there and nothing special.

David is thrust out of his rather “normal” life and it is very well done. You do like David, you also like his parents. Yet, while you feel for him and his parents, you do also want there to be some kind of positive relationship with David and Melissa as well. I have seen a few movies that deal with adoption, but I think this handles it better than most.

Yet, the acting in Lifemark is so well done that you truly do get connected to these characters. It is a moving and ultimately positive story about life, growing up family, and second chances. It does what it does very well and by the end of the movie, I legit felt uplifted…. I am not saying I was touched by God or anything like that, but it was a fine drama movie that got its hooks into me, pretty deeply.

I know that there will be some people that read this review, read the synopsis of the movie, and are just like “no way” and I can understand that, I was nearly like that myself! Yet, I found Lifemark to be a pretty uplifting and entertaining family drama. Kind of like a movie that you end up watching on the Hallmark Channel, not expecting much of, but then end up being completely invested in it.

Lifemark is a Christian drama film from 2022 that tells the story of Melissa, who is a pregnant teenager. Download it now and see what happened.
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Lifemark Review Summary

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  • I liked David as the main character
  • It is one of the better stories about adoption
  • I did not feel like the whole faith thing was pushed too heavily
  • The movie had me interested and invested from start to end
  • I can see many people not willing to give this a chance, and I do kind of get that
  • This is 100 percent a one-and-done movie for me, I liked it, but watching it once is enough
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