Prey for the Devil

Prey for the Devil is a movie that the wife and I went to see mainly because there was nothing else out that we had not seen. We are both big horror fans and any movie that is about demonic possession is always going to get us interested. It is not the best demonic possession movie I have seen, but there is something creepy about this that is for sure!

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The Movie Review

I think the premise of Prey for the Devil is actually really cool. Our main character is Sister Ann and she believes that she needs to be the first female exorcist. I really liked Ann as the main character, she has a bit of tragedy about her, but you can also get a real sense that there is more to her than we know.

The Catholic Church is not exactly thrilled that a woman is going to be training to become an exorcist. However, Father Dante, recognizes that Sister Ann has some special gifts and he tries to help her out with her training. I think that there is some great chemistry between Father Dante and Sister Ann and they make for a great duo with Jacqueline Byers and Christian Navarro in these roles.

As we see Ann learning to become an exorcist more and more strange things start to happen to her. There are some really creepy happenings that Ann has to deal with in the place she is training. Ann’s mother was possessed by a demon many years ago and now she feels like this demon is back. I do like how there is a bit of mystery in the story and it is done quite well.

Sister Ann has been having strange nightmares and visions and she is pretty certain that the demon which has possession of a young girl called Natalie is the same demon that tormented her family all these years ago. Father Dante and Natalie not exactly with the approval of the Catholic Church decided to fight this demon and try to save Natalie’s soul.

I do not want to go into spoiler territory here, but there is a great twist with this whole movie that I think was really well done. Also, the movie ends things so that we could very well get a sequel to this which I have to say, I would be very interested in. However, I do have to say that the “twist” non-happy ending has been so overdone in horror movies over the last decade, but if it does lead to a sequel, I would be more ok with it.

As far as movies about demonic possession go, I would have to say that Prey for the Devil is a fairly average one. It is not a terrible movie, but I do feel the slow pace and the lack of jump scares might make some people have a hard time sticking with this. I do feel that those who enjoy this kind of thing will have some fun with it, but there are certainly better movies about this subject matter.

Prey for the Devil
Prey for the Devil is a horror film from 2022 that tells a story of a nun who was allowed to perform exorcisms. Download it and enjoy the plot.
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Prey for the Devil Review Summary

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  • I did like the twist of why the demon wanted Ann
  • The few jump scares that are here are fun
  • If you like movies about demonic possession, you will probably enjoy this
  • Father Dante and Sister Ann have great chemistry
  • I have seen far more entertaining and scarier movies about demonic possession
  • It is rather slow and it could do with a few more jump scares
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