Radical (2023)

Radical is one of the best feel-good movies of the year. This is a Mexican movie that is based on an article that was published back in 2013. Do not be put off by this being a Spanish-speaking movie, the story is so good and relatable, that it honestly does not matter. It is the kind of movie that causes you to have a big smile on your face by the time the credits roll. I do not see how anyone can watch this and not feel good afterward.

How to Download Radical

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The Movie Review

I will say that being someone who worked in education and whose wife works in a school, I guess I did have a bit of an invested interest in this movie in how I found it relatable. However, I am sure that most of us can agree that many public schools are struggling right now and it takes a very special kind of educator/person to get kids to believe in themselves, that is pretty much what Radical is about.

Character Analysis: Sergio Juarez Correa

Our main character is a man called Sergio Juarez Correa. Sergio has just taken a new teaching job. He will be teaching the sixth grade at the very underfunded and horribly run Jose Urbina Lopez Elementary which is located right on the Mexican border. This is not an ideal place for kids to learn and grow up! There is gang violence and they are pretty much written off as having any kind of future as this is the worst testing school in Mexico!

Teaching Philosophy and Challenges

All this school cares about is getting the kids to pass the basic and standard tests that the Mexican government tells them they have to do. Sergio though sees this as being wrong and he wants more from and for these kids and his rather unique ways of teaching can bring that out. Sergio is such a likable character, you cannot help but love the way he is with these kids and you can see that he truly wants the very best for them.

Unexpected Twists and Character Development

One of the most surprising parts of Radical for me was the headmaster at this school, Principal Chucho. I thought for sure that Principal Chucho would be the villain of this movie, but he grew to see that Sergio had the best interests of the kids at heart. Of course, this rather unique method of teaching did not sit well with some people, even though it worked!

The kids were learning and testing much better than they had before, but because it was the “normal” way of doing things, an inspector who was visiting the school did not like it. This leads to Sergio thinking that there is no hope for these kids and he quits. I hated this part of the movie as it did not seem like something the Sergio character we had come to know and love would do. Granted, it came right in the end, but his quitting did not sit right with me!

Reflections and Final Thoughts

I was very surprised with Radical. I had no expectations going in and only watched it because someone my wife worked with (who is also a teacher) suggested it and we both loved it. This is one of the hidden gems of the year and I hope that word of mouth gets more people to watch it as it is a very special and heartwarming kind of movie.

Radical is a heartwarming Mexican film about an inspiring teacher transforming lives in an underfunded school, based on a true story. Download it.
8.5 Total Score
Radical Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • It is a lovely, heartwarming story
  • I liked the chemistry Sergio had with the kids
  • It shines a light on how underfunded many public schools are
  • I loved the feel good ending that the movie had
  • I guess you could argue that it is a rather predictable movie
  • Even though it all worked out in the end, Sergio quitting did not sit right with me!
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