Strays (2023)

As someone who loves inappropriate raunchy gross-out comedies, I was pretty sure that Strays would be a movie for me. While Strays is the perfect movie if you are looking for a funny raunchy comedy, it is also clearly a movie made by and for dog lovers. I think that the more you love dogs, the more you will love this movie or at the very least get more of a kick out of some of the stuff that is done and said.

How to Download Strays (2023)

The film’s US release date of August 18, 2023, suggests that you should be able to download or stream the film from a digital platform around October of the same year. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and check the current availability. If you like movies about dogs, check out our reviews of A Dog’s Purpose (2017), The Secret Life of Pets (2016), or Bolt (2008).

Stays – The Key Facts

Fact Information
Movie Title Strays
Genre Raunchy comedy for dog lovers
Release Date August 18, 2023 (US)
Download and Streaming Expected availability for download/streaming around October 2023.
Main Characters Reggie (voiced by Will Ferrell), Doug (voiced by Will Forte),
Bug (voiced by Jamie Foxx), Hunter (voiced by Randal Park), Maggie (voiced by Isla Fisher)
Plot Reggie, a Border Terrier, forms an unlikely friendship with Bug, a Boston Terrier, and embarks on a mission with other dogs to confront Doug.
Humor and Heart Strays balances crude humor with tackling serious issues of abusive relationships.
Entertainment Value Movie delivers crude and over-the-top humor, making audiences laugh out loud.
Notable Voices Will Ferrell (Reggie), Jamie Foxx (Bug), Randal Park (Hunter), Isla Fisher (Maggie)

The Movie Review – Exploring Strays, A Raunchy Comedy for Dog Lovers

The movie is about a lovely little dog called Reggie. Reggie is a Border Terrier and wants nothing more than to be loved and called a good boy by his owner Doug. Reggie is voiced by Will Ferrell and this is a very typical Will Ferrell performance, but I mean that in a positive way. Doug is played by Will Forte and he hates dogs!

Exploring Strays: A Raunchy Comedy for Dog Lovers

Doug and Reggie have this messed-up abusive relationship where Reggie will do whatever he can to try and please Doug and make excuse after excuse for his behavior. However, one day it all comes to a head and that is when Doug manages to ditch Reggie, and Reggie is left all alone… or so he thinks!

The Unlikely Friendship: Reggie and Bug

Reggie meets another dog, Bug. Bug is a Boston Terrier and he is very streetwise. He takes Reggie under his wing and the two become friends. Bug is voiced by Jamie Foxx who I am a huge fan of and he and Will Ferrell bounce off each other so well! I would love to see a live-action comedy with these two going back and forth.

The Mission: Reggie’s Determination

It is decided that Reggie is going to make his way back to Doug and bite his penis off! Reggie and Bug are joined by Hunter who is a Great Dane and voiced by Randal Park and Maggie, an Australian Sheppard who is voiced by Isla Fisher. The four of them are so much fun together and they are like a typical friend group with their ups and downs as they make their way to help Reggie do what he feels like he needs to do.

The Comedy and Heart of Strays

One thing I will say about Strays and this is not exclusive to this movie, but in many modern movies, the trailer gives way too much of the good stuff away! If you have seen the trailer, you have seen the part where they are all high, hallucinating, and freaking out! This is hilarious, but had this just come out of the blue and I had not known it was coming, it would have been one of the funniest things that I had ever seen.

Balancing Humor and Substance

While there is a lot of crude humor in this movie as you would expect. I was also impressed that the movie had a lot of heart and tackled a serious issue about abusive relationships and breaking free of them. It never gets in the way of the comedy, but I liked how it was there to give the movie more substance.

A Hilarious and Entertaining Ride

I was laughing out loud a great deal in the theatre and so were most of the other people that were watching this. Yes, Strays is crude, rude, and very over the top, but that is what I loved about it. You know, I think that the pairing of Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx might be my favorite movie duo of the year!

Strays (2023)
Strays is a comedy in which one dog teams up with his fellow strays on an unusual mission. Download it now and see what happened.
9 Total Score
Strays (2023) Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • If you love dogs, you will get a huge kick out of this movie
  • The four dogs are so much fun together, but especially Reggie and Bug
  • There are many laugh out loud moments
  • It does have a serious message as well as all of the laughs
  • I really wish that some of the scenes in the trailer were kept a secret
  • Sometimes the dog's mouths can look kind of creepy when they talk
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)
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