Bad Bunny – Dákiti feat. Jhay Cortez

Dákiti was released in 2020 with Baby Bunny collaborating with Jhay Cortez. The song was written by Benito, Gabriel Mora, Jesus Cortez, Nydia Lanner, and Marco Masis. Dákiti belongs to the reggaeton music genre. It was produced by both artists, Tainy, and La Paciencia.

How to Download Bad Bunny – Dákiti feat. Jhay Cortez

You can download the song from a digital store such as Amazon Music or Apple Music – click on the Download button that is located below this review. If you like Bad Bunny, check out also his other hits – No Me Conoce (also with Jhay Cortez and with J Balvin), Mayores (with Becky G) or Mia (with Drake).

The Song Review

Dákiti – a Video Interpretation

The music video begins with a beach setting with women dressed in bikinis walking over the camera lens. They are wearing body chains to accentuate their curves while the music plays in the background. Bad Bunny is playing the song with the band on the beach with the featured artist lying on the sand.

The entire video is based on a beach, nighttime bonfire, boating, and swimming. There are also shots of the artists singing from an enclosed metal room. However, the setting shifts back to the beach with women on jet skis and dancing around the bonfire.

The Final Words

Bad Bunny takes a classist approach to please a woman. The first verse describes the lengths the artist will go to to protect their partner. Secondly, the song also promises that he will take care of their partner for years to come. He is their provider and will lavish them with expensive gifts.

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About the Artists

Who Is Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny was born Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio in 1994. His birthplace was Vega Baja in Puerto Rico, a small town 30 miles from San Juan. The artist was brought up in a lower-middle-class household. Suffice to say, he did not lead a life of luxury.

His father was a truck driver who worked long hours to support his family. On the other hand, his mother taught English at the local school. Benito grew up with two younger brothers too. The artist was a fan of reggaeton music from a very early age. He would listen to Daddy Yankee and Vico C. However, Tego Calderon was his favorite artist to play on his way to school. Benito also listened to Bee Gees.

He started actively participating in the Catholic Church choice at 13. In his spare time, he would create his music or freestyle at school to impress friends. Benito enrolled at the University of Puerto Rico for higher studies. He worked part-time to support himself financially to make his dreams come true.

Who Is Jhay Cortez?

Jesus Manuel Nieves Cortez was writing songs and singing at the early age of 11. Although from New Jersey, he was always proud of his Puerto Rican heritage. He worked with Zion and released successful songs when he was a teenager.

Invincible song won him a Grammy for the best contemporary album in 2011. Cortez has also co-written and collaborated with numerous artists and is a fast-growing name in the Latin music industry. His debut album, Eyez on Me, 2019, completely sold out, cementing his presence in the industry. He would later release remix albums with Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

Cortez collaborated with Myke Towers in 2021 to release Los Bolo. He has also exclusively written a track for Christian Dior. His future is looking brighter than ever.

Bad Bunny - Dákiti feat. Jhay Cortez
Dákiti is a song by two Puerto-Rican artists - Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio (1994) and Jesús Manuel Nieves Cortez (1993). Download it now.
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Bad Bunny - Dákiti feat. Jhay Cortez Review Summary

  • The upbeat tones constantly engage with the audience, uplifting the mood
  • Baby Bunny and Cortez are dressed in pastel clothing, focusing on the newer fashion trends
  • The song video unnecessarily sexualizes women with bare skin and body jewelry
  • Flash warning! The video showcases repeated flashes and triggering transitions without forewarning
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