Jhay Cortez, J. Balvin, Bad Bunny – No Me Conoce (Remix)

The song is a conversation between a man and a woman. It is a discussion about unfaithfulness and how people take relationships for their superficial value. However, the artists propose a relationship with freedom while the two get to know each other.

How to Download Jhay Cortez, J. Balvin, Bad Bunny – No Me Conoce (Remix)

To download a copy of the song from a digital store, click on the Download button that is located below the review. If you like Bad Bunny, check out his Mia (with Drake) and Mayores (with Becky G). For the fans of J Balvin, we recommend Ay Vamos and Con Altura (with Rosalía and El Guincho).

The Song Review

No me Conoce Video

The opening credits introduce artists one by one in a dessert. They are looking away from the camera while an unknown female character looks up the ceiling fan in a separate frame. We see her switching into a few outfits.

The three artists are dressed in hip-hop clothing, baggie hoodies, and loose jeans. Accessories include sunglasses and chains which give an urban appearance. The frames switch back and forth between the female love interest and the three artists who seem to sing in an under-construction site. In the middle of the video, the singing platform changes into a stage created with black trash bags.

We even see Cortez dragged in a neighborhood street while he sings the lyrics. The song eventually comes to a close with Cortez and the female love interest reunited in the dessert.

The Bottom Line

No me Conoce is perfect to let loose to. You can play it at your birthday party or any night you wish to dominate the town. Its colorful and vibrant lyrics will provoke you to dance a few steps too. Sometimes, it is therapeutic and completely let go, even for the duration of the song.

About the Artists

Jhay Cortez

Jesus Manuel Nieves Cortes is from Rio Piedras and Carloina in Puerta Rico. He started composing music and songs at 11, which led to his first music release only when he was a teenager. Jhay Cortez worked with Zion and Lennox and El Patron in the early stages of his profession.

Cortez has also written numerous songs such as I Like it and RLNDT. Due to his growing fan base, Cortez signed with Universal Music Latino and released his solo song, Eyes on Me. However, his guest appearance on Sky made his profile mainstream. He went on to collab with J Balvin and Bad Bunny on No Me Concoe. Jhay Cortez also appeared in TV series in 2020. The series focused on remixing albums written by different collaborating artists.

Bad Bunny

Benito Antonio Martinez Occasio was welcomed in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico in 1994. He was raised in the lower end of the middle-class spectrum in the Almirante Sur neighborhood. His father drove heavy vehicles and his mother was an English teacher at the local school.

Young Benito loved reggaeton music since he was a child which he would mostly listen to on the ride to school. Benito played artists such as Tego Calderon and Bee Gees. His love for music inspired him to join the Catholic Church Choir when he was 13 while he created his own music outside school. Bad Bunny started releasing music in 2016 when he was a college student at the University of Puerto Rico Arecibo, where he studied audiovisual communication. His Sound Cloud song Diles is the preliminary cause of his vast music career, landing him calls from producers and record labels.

J Balvin

Jose Alvaro Osorio Balvin was welcomed by Jose Alvaro Oscorio and Alba Mery Vasquez in 1985. Little did they would know the artist would grow up to become a well-known composer! However, the signs were evident since Balvin started creating music at 14. His favorite genres to listen were urban music, rhymes, and rendering hip hop.

Balvin was part of an international trip to Oklahoma, based on a cultural exchange program. He also traveled to New York which cemented his passion in creating urban music. After returning back home, he released his first solo song Panas in 2004.

Jhay Cortez, J. Balvin, Bad Bunny - No Me Conoce (Remix)
No Me Conoce is a Spanish song by Jesús Manuel Nieves Cortez (1993). It received a successful remix with J. Balvin (1985) and Bad Bunny (1994) - download it now.
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