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Dynamite by BTS was released in 2020 under the Sony Music Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment lyrics. David Stewart and Jessica Agombar wrote the song. Dynamite was recorded at Dogg Bounce, South Korea, and Mix Star at Virginia Beach in the USA. The song is from the disco-pop genre, and here is its interpretation.

How to Download BTS – Dynamite

You can download the song from a digital store, such as Amazon Music or Apple Music. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. Check out also other hit songs by BTS – DNA, Butter, or Boy with Luv.

The Song Review

Dynamite by BTS – the Lyrics

The BTS member to introduce the song is Jungkook. He says he is ready to take on the day and dominate the challenges with a positive mindset. The first use of the King-Kong reference implies no challenge is big enough for him. Later on, Jungkook also references Rolling Stone, the iconic band.

Their songs are known for optimism and mellow vibe, which he wishes to embody in real life. He concludes the first verse by mentioning LeBron as a measurement for success. Jungkook idolizes the basketball player for his fandom and global recognition.

The second verse is sung by J-Hope and RM. This verse acts as a pause from the seriousness by introducing a new bass. RM confesses the tune is appealing with lyrics “Disco overload.” He is looking forward to the BTS Army enjoying the tunes. RM knows the song will be well-received. The latter half of the second verse is presented by J-Hope. He agrees with his band member the song is a good time and will make their career shine like a diamond.

BTS Dynamite’s chorus features Jimin and Jungkook. The lyric focuses on enjoying a good time and living in the present. The boy band wants to inspire their fans to feel less pressured regarding their future. BTS will dance through the town with “little funk and soul,” ensuring the moment doesn’t flee by.

Later on in the song, V invites everyone to a party. He is looking forward to people socializing, regardless of the time of day it is. They will party all day and night to spread love and well-wishes. The bad omens are on the backburner until the party ends.

The second verse is repeated while V and Jungkook sing the chorus. A na-na pattern in the song holds the listener’s attention. One could say it’s the anticipation of late-night partying and socialization. It’s the fireworks that represent freedom.

The last verse amplifies the tune and the lyrics. It signals the party is here, and it will definitely stay. However, BTS will party, socialize, and dominate the town together because they are best friends.

Dynamite by BTS video interpretation

After the signature BTS opening credit, the band greets the viewer in pastel casual outfits standing in front of a sunset. The song begins with a BTS band member signing in a recorded studio while his partner performs at a vinyl shop. Jungkook performs some smooth moves in front of a donut shop while BTS members watch in awe.

Later on, the band performs in front of an ice cream truck and a restaurant. The color scheme of the entire music video is very refreshing and spring. The band members mostly wear bright color casual t-shirts.

Halfway through the video, the boys perform in front of a giant disco sign, asking the viewer to dance with them and let loose. The frame transitions into greenery with a BTS zooming placard at the lens that says “Dynamite.”

The last setting is a CGI-produced platform with luscious hills and a colorful sky. As BTS carries their dance routine, colorful fireworks in the background blend into a rainbow. The movement is performed over the third verse. The video concludes with more colorful fireworks and each BTS band member dancing excitedly individually.

Give yourself a break

Dynamite by BTS is about celebrating the present and worrying about the future when the time comes. You can socialize by hosting dinner, parties, or going out for a meal. BTS does a wonderful job highlighting physical interactions in a time when every action is becoming virtual.

BTS - Dynamite
Dynamite is a 2020 song by the highly popular K-pop boy band BTS. Download it and have a great, energetic time.
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