Daddy Yankee – Limbo

Limbo is a famous song by the well-known recording artist Daddy Yankee. This song was part of his 6th studio album, Prestige, released in 2012. The song video features Zumba Underground dancers Stephanie Hartgraves, Megan Phillips, and Oceanside, Ca.

This song earned so much commercial success and was also part of many top-charting listing billboards. The majority of the video shots were filmed in the location of Mexico, which made it worth watching. This song was one of the best-selling songs by Daddy Yankee so far.

How to Download Daddy Yankee – Limbo

You can download the song from a digital store such as Amazon Music or Apple Music – click on the Download button that is located below this review. If you like Daddy Yankee, listen also to Shaky Shaky, Dura, or Despacito.

The Song Review

Daddy Yankee – Limbo – the Meaning of the Lyrics

Well as the song’s lyrics are concerned, you will find the music in the pure Spanish language. The song lyrics are refreshing, just like the video itself.

Even if you do not understand the lyrics, you will still love the song seeing the beauty of the song and the way it has been pictured.

There is no message or theme behind the song that the singer is trying to portray with the lyrics. But still, we will call it a complete party song to play and groove your feet on. You should listen to it right now!

Daddy Yankee – Limbo Video Interpretation

If you have ever listened to the old songs of Daddy Yankee, you will notice that most of his songs are for the young audience. The same is the case with this song. Therefore, the picturing of the whole song is done by the use of ladies who are dancing all around wearing bikinis.

The traditional theme of the taboo has been used to display the whole video as the incredible one. Go and watch it now!

Have You Listened to Limbo?

It’s a complete party themed, and you will love to listen to it all the time. Check out the link and grab this fantastic masterpiece by Daddy Yankee.

About Daddy Yankee

Talking about, Daddy Yankee, his original name is Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez. He is also known by the nickname of D.Y and works as a professional songwriter, famous singer, and brilliant actor. He has earned immense fame being a rapper.

In 1994, Daddy Yankee was the one who introduced the word, Reggaeton to describe the new genre of the new music. Thus, he was the one who welcomed the American hip-hop style into the music universe.

In his songs, you will also see the flavors of Hispanic Caribbean music and Jamaican reggae rhythms with some Spanish rapping and great singing.

In 2004, he came up with the release of his hit international single, “Gasolina,” which caught the attention of the whole world. This song made a record by selling almost 20 million copies which turned this song into the best-selling song of all time.

Later, his new album, Barrio Fino, also made a considerable history by becoming the top-selling famous album in Latin music from 2000-to 2009 eras.

Daddy Yankee - Limbo
Limbo is a hit song by Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez (1976) who is known as Daddy Yankee. Download it now and enjoy the music.
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Daddy Yankee - Limbo Review Summary

  • It’s a perfect party-themed song
  • Outdoor picturing of the video has made the whole song a masterpiece
  • Interpretation of the video is a bit adultery for the kids
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