Ella Quiere Beber (Remix) – Anuel AA ft. Romeo Santos

Ella Quiere Beber is a reggaeton song by the Puerto Rican singer Anuel AA featuring the American singer Romeo Santos. Produced by Chris Jeday and Gaby Music, the song was officially released on 2nd November 2018 as it talks about a woman who goes on a drinking rampage after breaking up with her boyfriend.

It is a song which mostly revolves around drinking and dancing in a club with a vulnerable girl who is undergoing post-breakup stress. The song is available to play through digital download.

How to Download Ella Quiere Beber by Anuel AA and Romeo Santos

The song can be downloaded from iTunes. To start simply click on the Download button below the review.

The Song Review

Ella Quiere Beber, which translates to She Wants To Drink in English, is a bold and controversial song which talks about a good girl gone bad after experiencing a breakup.

The Lyrics

The lyrics begin with Romeo explaining the situation of a vulnerable girl as she steps into a bar with her heart broken by a man who cheated on her.

This is followed by the chorus where the two come forward and support her in her controversial acts of over drinking. The lyrics also illustrate how the woman’s physical body excite them as stated in the following translated verses “Baby, you will never forget me, I need you to teach me ‘to love, bebecita, I’ll devour you, bebecita your body and your excite me”.

The lyrics of the song have caused controversy and have been criticized by many prominent individuals as they blame Anuel AA for exploiting a woman in the worst of times. Rather than supporting and helping her go through the experience, the lyrics motivate its listeners to take advantage of such helpless women.

Ella Quiere Beber: the Video

The music video begins with a woman, possibly the target individual, walking into the bar. This is followed by Romeo and Anuel AA making their appearances as they can be seen dancing with within the boundaries of the bar. In a surprising twist, the sequence displays roughly around twenty glasses of alcohol being crushed after a lantern falls directly on top of it.

Other female performers are also included in this sequence, some of them seen dancing, whereas, others constantly drinking alcohol. The end of the video displays the lantern scene being reversed up to the point where the glasses become unbroken.

Who is Anuel AA?

Anuel AA is a Puerto Rican rapper who is considered to be one of the pioneers of Latin Trap movement. He is controversially known by many as someone who writes songs and lyrics which are heavily based on detailed sex, drugs, murder and drinking.

Most of his songs are quite explicit and bold due to which, they are not available to play publicly on the radio. Anuel AA released his first song, called Demonia, in 2011.

This was followed up by collaborations and remixes with numerous popular artists including Jory Boy, De La Ghetto, Ozuna, Daddy Yankee, Farruko, and Zion & Lennox.

He released his first official album in 2018 which was titled Real Hasta La Muerte. The album contains 12 songs and made its way to number 1 on the Billboard Top Latin Album charts. Despite being criticized, Anuel AA has become quite a notable personality in the world of music.

Ella Quiere Beber (Remix) – Anuel AA ft. Romeo Santos
Ella Quiere Beber is a song in Spanish performed by the Puerto Rican singer Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago (1992) and the American singer Anthony Santos (1981). Listen to this cool remix now, the song's catchy!
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