Maluma – El Perdedor

El Perdedor is a famous song sung by a very talented Colombian singer, Maluma. This song was part of his 2nd album entitled Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy in 2015. The best thing about this song is that it is available in two different versions to catch the best entertainment. One will feature the Puerto Rican singer Yandel and the second is the EDM version.

A Brazilian Portuguese version of this song also features the Brazilian duo Bruninho e Davi. That version was released back in the year 2017. This song was appreciated a lot at the commercial level worldwide. It has even become part of the top charts in Mexico and Colombia.

How to Download Maluma – El Perdedor

You can download the song from a digital store such as Amazon Music or Apple Music – click on the Download button that is located below this review. If you like Maluma, check out also our reviews of Corazón, Clandestino, and Felices los 4.

The Song Review

Maluma – El Perdedor – the Meaning of the Lyrics

Catching the song’s lyrics will make you feel that it is a complete breakup song. The singer is trying to ask his lover why she broke up with him and left him for someone else. He could not believe that she had started dating someone else in just a short time and left him when he needed her the most.

The singer is often asking for a second chance where he has promised that he will love her even more and that she will never think of anybody else.

Maluma – El Perdedor – Video Interpretation

The song’s video has been kept relatively simple and will explain the whole story behind the song in just the starting few minutes. Maluma is in a husband’s role where he remembers his wife who left him for no reason. He is living with his daughter, who constantly asks to bring her mother back.

It’s a sweet video but a bit of adultery for the kids to watch.

Have You Listened Maluma – El Perdedor?

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About Maluma

Maluma is a famous Colombian singer, musician, songwriter, and talented actor. In 2010, he made his way into the singing career with the release of the single, Farandulera,” which was a worldwide big hit! It collected considerable recognition with a vast fan following.

Later on, he got into a contract with Sony Music, who signed him for the first product song collaboration, ‘Loco,’ another big single hit of his career. The first complete studio album of Maluma was “Magia,” which was another great success of his career. The singer was honored with so many award nominations for this album, including Best New Artist in 2012.

Addicted and Carnaval were two big hits of Maluma that hopped a lot of limelight. His career’s most significant success and fame came into line when he recorded the title song for the 2014 ‘FIFA World Cup,’ entitled ‘Ole Brazil.’ The singer has more than 61 million followers on Instagram.

Maluma - El Perdedor
El Perdedor (The Loser in English) is a song by Juan Luis Londoño Arias (1994) who is known as Maluma. Download it now.
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  • It’s a pure song filled with so many emotions and sad feelings
  • The beat and bass mix of the song is impressive
  • The song is in Spanish, which many listeners won’t understand
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