Camila Cabello – Havana ft. Young Thug

The song is an homage to Camila’s home heritage. It is named Havana, the capital and most populated city in Cuba. Camilla was constantly in a tug of war between Havana and Mexico City during her childhood. Gradually, her family settled down in Miami.

Camilla Cabello displays her Cuban heritage in a song mentioning a former muse—a previous lover from her native homeland. She had the idea about the song title for a while as Camilla Cabello wanted to do a light-hearted song since most of her music is very emotional.

How to Download Camila Cabello – Havana ft. Young Thug

You can download the song from Amazon Music or from Apple Music using iTunes. Click on the Download button at the end of the review. Check out also Camila in two songs by Fifth Harmony – Work from Home and Worth It.

The Song Review

Havana by Camilla Cabello ft. Young Tung Lyric Interpretation

Havana by Camilla Cabello is built on different forms of na, such as

Havana ooh na na

Atlanta na na na

Oh na na na na na

The song is about a romantic interest she once had in Cuba. However, Camilla wants to go back to Havana because her previous lover took her to the east, and “Half of my heart is in Havana.” The song rotates around a muse where the constant traveling distant the partners.

A few lyrics are sung by Young Tung, a young rapper from America. He is singing about his love interest and has a deeply connected affair with her. The relationship is showcased in the following lyrics:

Back it on me, shawty cravin’ on me

Get to eatin’ on me (on me)

She waited on me (then what?)

Shawty cakin’ on me got the bacon on me (wait up)

The two artists, Camilla Cabello and Young Thug worked wonderfully together. Apparently, both of them are huge fans of one another. Young Thug made an excellent addition to the song. According to Cabello, he is a lovely person with an undeniable love for music. Cabello believes Thugs’ music is unique and exactly what was needed in Havana to make it upbeat.

Havana by Camilla Cabello ft. Young Tung Video Interpretation

The video begins with a telenovela feel. The female lead, Cabello, blasts into a hotel room to find her lover with two women. However, it turns out, the lover in the room was actually a twin. Camilla’s actual lover comes out of the closet to propose to her in front of the manage-e-Trois. The setting is striking, with the female lead wearing a yellow one-shoulder chiffon dress, voluptuous beach curls, and chunky jewelry.

Later, we discover Camilla was watching a telenovela while her bitter sister was getting ready to go out for the night. We see her bearded grandma advising to go out with her sister, played by Lele Pons. Cabello hired LeJuan James to play her grandma.

Giving in to the pressure, the singer decides to go to the cinema to watch a movie. Lo and behold, she plays a female lead in the movie too. The movie starts with Cabello drinking at the club. She locks eyes with a potential someone and begins to salsa. Cabello is wearing a short red dress with a matching barrette.

Cabello finds her way to the club stage and begins singing Havana. She does a few dancing steps with background singers who are dressed in traditional Cuban linen shirts and cotton trousers. As the chorus dies down, Young Thug appears.

The rapper is wearing a gold chunky neckless and a suit of the same color as Cabello. His hair is up in dreads with the band playing music in the background. While the rapper sings, Cabello does salsa with another background dancer while the spectators watch.

The Final Comment

The song was a close collaboration with Pharrell Williams and Frank Dukes to lead the music. With influential creative minds like them, what’s not to like? The song is upbeat, slightly dramatic, and colorful—just like the Cuban culture. Funnily enough, the song has a separate audio version with more views than the official music video.

Camila Cabello - Havana ft. Young Thug
Havana is a song by Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao (1997) that also features Jeffery Lamar Williams (1991). Download it now and enjoy its hypnotizing music.
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