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RIOT – Radical Image Optimization Tool 1.0.1

RIOT or Radical Image Optimization Tool is a free image optimization program that allows you to visually adjust the compression settings while focusing on obtaining the lowest file size.

The product interface provides the opportunity to compare the optimized image with the original in real-time and immediately see the size of the modified file.

This image optimizer which is easy, fast and easy to use, is also a powerful toolkit for advanced users. You can manage compression, the number of colors, flexibly configure metadata and much more, as well as select the image format (JPEG, GIF or PNG) for the saved file.

What is more, RIOT can be integrated as a plug-in into such popular programs as GIMP, XnView, and IrfanView.

RIOT Download and Installation

First, you need to download the RIOT, either from MadDownload.com or from the official site.

On the official page, you can download RIOT as a separate, standalone application or as a plug-in for different programs (RIOT as a plug-in for other applications ). In our case, we will use a separate application. A separate application can be downloaded in two ways:

  • the regular installation file,
  • the portable version – ( portable (zip archive), which does not require installation, you just need to download the archive, unpack and run the file Riot.exe.

After you go to the download page at the very top of it, the button will be visible, after clicking on it, you will be prompted to download the archive with the program:

The archive weighs a little, namely: the archive with the portable version (Riot.zip ) – 1.01 MB, the archive with the installation file (Riot-setup.zip) – 1.06 MB.

After you have downloaded the archive, unzip it and then if it is a portable version, then you do not need to install anything, and if this is an installation version, then you need to run the Riot-setup.exe file.

The first installation window will display the text of the License Agreement, you can read it and click on the I Agree button, or not read and click the I Agree button.

In the next window, you will be offered a place to install the program (by default C: Program FilesRiot), I left it the same.

In the third window, you will be shown a list of components that are available for installation along with the program, at the moment there is a ticked OptiPNG component in the list.

The last window will offer installation of program icons in the start menu.

After that, the installation process will take place, which will take no more than 2 minutes. Click the Close button.

The installation is complete, the RIOT program is now available on your computer, with which you can compress and optimize images.

The Main Program Features

RIOT works with many types of images and stores JPEG, GIF as well as PNG. The app is equipped with a simple, intuitive interface.

The working environment setting consists of two types: the first (the original and the optimized image) and the second (only the optimized image).

There is an automatic preview of the target image (thus way you will be able to notice small changes in pixels). You can also choose the target size limit.

RIOT does its job fast.

The program supports image processing in batch mode (processes several files at the same time). There are options for processing transparency as needed, you can save metadata (EXIF profiles, ICC comments profiles, Adobe XMP, IPTC,).

RIOT give yous several common image editing tools such as zoom and rotate, You can also create a mirror reflection.

You can also do basic image adjustments: brightness, contrast, gamma etc. RIOT reduces the number of existing unique colors for GIF and PNG images to reduce the size of the output file (two quantization methods are available: NeuQuant and Xiaolin Wu neural network).

The program is also capable of resizing images using well-known, resampling filters (ex: Catmull Rom, Bicubic, Lanczos3, and others). Adaptive logarithmic tone mapping (Drago) is used for HDR images.

Compression and results achieved by the app are comparable to known commercial products, sometimes even of higher quality.

Supported Image Format Types

If you’re wondering which images you can youse, RIOT supports common types of raster images, as well as Adobe Photoshop PSD files, popular RAW and HDR camera image formats.

Positive Impressions

RIOT can satisfy both experienced users who need to quickly convert a large number of graphics into web formats, as well as ordinary users who need to create two or three sketches and full-sized photos to be placed on their web album.

The images used in the program coem from the great fighting game Dead or Alive 6.

RIOT - Radical Image Optimization Tool
RIOT - Radical Image Optimization Tool is a free program that will let you compress the size of your images to make better suited for the use on websites. Download it now.
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