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Spybot – Search & Destroy

Spybot- Search and Destroy is a spyware and adware removal tool by Safer-Networking Ltd. The program got its first stable release in 2018 and has been online since then with regular updates to boost its adaptability. The program has a multitude of different variations including a free version that can be used to a certain extent. The software has a huge database that can track down adware that spans from the early years of computing to the very recent forms of them.

How to Download Spybot – Search & Destroy

Spybot has a number of different versions that can all be downloaded and purchased from its official website. Home, Professional, Free, Corporate, Technician’s versions are all available on a single page for easy access with all the information about them minimized to a single table, which allows users to quickly make their choice. To download the free version follow the Download button located below this review

The Program Review

Spybot is a highly sophisticated adware removal and protection tool that can give its users anything they need to defend themselves against a possible cyberattack largely depending on the version of the software they have.

The different versions of Spybot have different features enabled.

If you are a regular user you can stick to the Home version of the software that will give you the basic tools that are needed to protect one’s self from a cyber threat. Anti-Spyware, Anti-Virus, Live protection, and many basic features are available in this version.

If you are a user that uses computers for a more professional reason where sensitive/protected data is handled on a regular basis, you are better off going for the corporate or the professional versions of Spybot which has an array of extra features such an anti-telemetry tool, system registry repair tools, script editors and many more included.

There is a separate version of Spybot for technicians that has the additional feature called a Filealyzer included in the package.

The Features of Spybot

Spybot has a lot of features that are spread out through its different versions but here we will look at them collectively.


Spybot has an anti-spyware tool that will aid its users in getting rid of any unwanted spyware from their system. This is important as spyware is one of the most common types of malware as their use is variable and applies to a large portion of the PC userbase. The term spyware includes adwaretracking softwarekeyloggers, and any kind of software that can be used to steal your personal private information against your will. Spybot can effectively track down these software and remove them from your system.


Spybot has a well-designed Anti-virus engine embedded in its software. A well built Anti-virus system is a necessity in any kind of malware protection software. The internet is loaded with different versions of viruses that can mess up any system that is not protected. Spybot has a sophisticated database of malware that is regularly updated, this ensures no malware can slip through its detection and scan routines. Spybot’s anti-virus engine is one of the highest-rated products in both AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, these are two of the most reliable anti-virus ranking websites out there. This award-winning anti-virus will protect your system against all odds.

Live Protection

Live protection is somewhat of a newer feature that has been emerging in security software recently, even though it is new it does an extremely important job in keeping the health of your system at a constant peak. Live protection makes sure that your system is protected in real-time; meaning that all applications that are running, all files that are being used at a given moment, all services and many more are constantly monitored, and if by chance a threat is detected it is immediately dealt with. Malicious processes are blocked before they can affect your system.


Anti-Beacon is a tool that is available to all users of the commercial and professional versions of the Spybot. This tool has an anti-telemetry feature in itself. Anti-telemetry ensures that any form of privacy violations through tracking and such are prohibited.

System Immunization

Certain tracking cookies and browser plugins are known to contain malware, harmful actions from these items can be successfully blocked out. Immunization supports a number of mainstream browsers such as Internet ExplorerOperaFirefox, and Chrome.

Startup Tools

These allow users to customize their bootup allowing them to choose which applications startup with windows and which processes are allowed to happen. However, it should be used with a certain amount of caution as even in-depth changes to the registry can be done through this.

Rootkit Scan

Rootkits use a specific technology to hide its presence and actions from the system. Using this scan these pesky rootkits can be found, this scan includes checks of the file system, the registry, and some process related lists.

Task Scheduler

Has a simple task scheduler that allows you to pre-schedule your scans and thereby eliminating the possibility of the user forgetting to run their regular scans.

Protected Repair Environment

This is a valuable counter-measure feature which can be used on failure, this allows a new Windows desktop to be opened and the Start Center runs in a way so that other software cannot interact with it. Spybot uses a technology similar to the ones found in the desktop separation technology of the Windows login screen and User Account Control, this removes the possibility of keyloggers and other malware from gaining control over Spybot.

System Registry Repair

This allows users to carry out basic repair and cleanup procedures. It can either delete or repair broken entries by offering you the options, for example, of locating or searching for files that have been moved.

File Shredder

A secure file shredder which makes sure that any files that are deleted using this feature cannot be recovered under any circumstance.

Script Editor

A simple script editor that runs through OpenSBI syntax and Pascal, this allows its users to define detection patterns by themselves, by writing a simple script for it.


This is a tool that is used to analyze files and it shows the basic information that can be derived from them such as basic file content, a hex viewer, and a range of customized displays for interpreted file structures.

It should also be noted that the FileAlyzer supports the generation of OpenSBI advanced file parameters.

The Bottom Line

Spybot is an extremely sophisticated malware protection program which a lot of features so it is best that you go through the different versions to pick out what best suits you.

It is well-reputed and has numerous awards solidifying its position as a top branded software. It can even carry out certain basic functions such as BootCD creations and CMD interactions making it a jack of all trades. The software even has a free version whose features are extremely limited but it can give you a good idea of how the whole thing functions before you make your decision on a purchase.

Spybot - Search & Destroy
Spybot - Search & Destroy is a versatile security tool that will keep your data protected. Download it now and stay safe.
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