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Watch 4 Folder 2.5.1

Monitoring file activities on a computer can often be a painful task, but Watch 4 Folder makes that much easier. It not only gives you granular control over monitoring actions on a system but also allows the user to specify allowed and disallowed actions in addition to a running log of everything you could possibly want to know about system activity.

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The Program Review

Whether you’re looking for a reasonable option for file activity monitoring and control or a simple log of activities with some options beyond that, this app is a solid choice for system administrators that don’t need something resource-intensive but which gets the job done.

The user interface is clean and inviting. Given that there aren’t many functions on offer here, that makes sense. Nonetheless, it also makes the app a lot easier to use. It also makes it snippy and fast. This won’t take up a lot of space on your computer and will never bog down operations in any noticeable way.

Overall, we’d say the UI in Watch 4 Folder is a study in minimalism and i is executed just perfectly. We do have to admit that people looking for something a little more powerful than this will know, almost immediately, that this app is not going to get the job done given its limited range of options.

What are those options? As the name of the program suggests, it monitors four folders with basic things such as logging folder actions, executing files, or displaying a message to the user. Since it only monitors four folders, this isn’t something that isn’t being billed as a solution for a massive system. In fact, it’s not going to be sufficient for that at all.

Other options include monitoring changes to a folder and automatically executing operations such as file transfer, copying, and even printing off a document or automatically opening certain file types. Monitoring four folders is a feature of the registered version. For those of us who download the free version of the app, we only get to monitor one folder. It’s a great way to see if you want to get the registered version and no functions are truncated in that version excepting the ability to monitor four folders simultaneously.

Overall, we’d have to recommend this for users who administer small networks with a limited number of folders that need to be monitored. It does a solid job, is reliable, and is incredibly easy to use. Its functions are robust and straight forward to execute and the user interface is clean if not a little bit minimal. We do have to say that people who want more out of this kind of software are going to be disappointed by its limitations but, then again, something larger would be necessarily more resource-intensive and thus possibly slow down your system.

Perhaps the single best feature of Watch 4 Folder is that it lets you try it out. If you don’t like what the free version does with one folder, you’re unlikely to find it worthwhile for four folders. So what do you have to lose?

Watch 4 Folder
Watch 4 Folder is a tool that lets you monitor what is being done with your folders and files. Download it now and see it in action.
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