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Actual Virtual Desktops 8.14.7

Actual Virtual Desktops allows users to create several virtual desktops in a single physical one allowing users to get as much desktop workspace as they need. Developed by Actual Tools in December 2019, the software is built to support the use of multiple monitors as well. The software as a localized virtual desktop manager.

How to Download Actual Virtual Desktops

You can download the program by clicking the Download button at the end of this review. Check out also our reviews of other software by Actual Tools – Actual Windows Manager and Actual Title Buttons.

The Program Review

What Is a Virtual Desktop?

A traditional virtual desktop is a concept that is quite different from what is implemented here in the software. A traditional virtual desktop is where the user’s desktop environment is stored remotely on a server, rather than it being on the users local PC. A desktop virtualization software separates the virtual desktop from the client’s hardware.

Users can access the virtual desktop through the aid of hypervisor software that creates a virtual machine remotely, this virtual machine simulates what the user prefers and can be accessed by any client device remotely through the internet.

How Does the Concept Apply to Actual Virtual Desktops?

Actual Virtual Desktops creates a localized virtual desktop inside the primary physical desktop. This secondary virtual desktop acts independently to the others and can have its own settings and applications, allowing its users to gain better control through proper management of applications and their processes.

Special Features

The program has the ability to group run applications by tasks.

Users can create multiple virtual desktops on a single physical desktop, allowing them to split the different tasks one has to complete over the span of the available desktops. Each desktop can be categorized to run a certain task and it only has applications relevant to it, users can easily switch between the desktops with minimal confusion making it easier to handle multiple applications simultaneously without losing track.

One virtual desktop can be used to hold applications related to browsing and surfing the internet, another can be used to hold PC games and relevant programs and another can be used to hold all the work-related applications.

Users can make sure that only relevant windows are visible.

When a user requires a certain task to be completed, he can switch to the virtual desktop that has the required applications; when the task is completed, and a different task comes up, instead of closing everything up, the user can just switch to the relevant virtual desktop that has the tools required to complete the new task.

None of the applications are minimized when you switch between virtual desktops, they are not closed either. They just disappear from the screen and the taskbar, waiting until the user comes back, ready to be used in an instant.

Instantly Moving Windows Between Virtual Desktops

Users can easily switch the windows that opened on a virtual desktop to another through a click of a button, either through the windows startup or through a manual procedure.

When opting to use the manual procedure users can stick to the Title button/window menu items, for ease of access several hotkeys that can be implemented to carry it out as well (Move to next desktop/Move to previous desktop hotkeys).

Customization of Each Virtual Desktop

Users can rename the virtual desktops for easier management E.g.: The virtual desktop that the user uses to watch movies and listen to songs can be renamed to multimedia or leisure. Users can also customize the desktop’s look and feel through customized wallpapers, screensavers, and many more addons.

Easy Switching Between Virtual Desktops

Actual Virtual Desktops allows users to easily switch between the multiple virtual desktops running on the primary physical PC. The special Virtual Desktop Switcher tool enables this for users, and it also allows one to see a slight preview of the virtual desktops that are running simultaneously with thumbnails of the applications opened on each one.

Getting an Added Advantage of Multiple Monitors

Virtual desktops can come into be useful even when the user has multiple monitors. These monitors can be used to provide a better experience for the user using the specially developed tools in Actual Virtual Desktops.

The software provides two modes to support multiple physical displays:

  • Classic mode

It is the default and most the simplistic one. Here, there is a single list of desktops and when a certain virtual desktop is selected to be used, it spans across all the physical displays. All individual screens show the same thing, and when a desktop is switched by the user, it affects all of the connected physical displays.

  • Independent mode

This is the most useful mode in my opinion, as it allows each physical monitor display to be used as a separate workspace. Each physical display has its own set of relevant pages. It should be noted that when using this mode, each physical display has its own Virtual Desktop Switcher, which is an added bonus.

When you switch the desktop of a certain monitor, it only affects itself, and the rest carry unaffected by the change.


There is a free trial available for download and it lasts 30 days before the user is pushed to make a purchase. The full price: is 19.95 USD and it includes one year of free updates.

Customer Support

There are forums present in the Actual Tools site that allows users to revolve any matters that arise along with a FAQ section.

If direct help is needed, there is an email support system present that is implemented to aid users.

The Bottom Line

Actual Virtual Desktops is a versatile and useful program. The 30-day moneyback guarantee gives also a certain peace of mind when making a commitment and an added sense of security on the part of the developer.  AVD certainly carries out its tasks efficiently and no major bugs were encountered. Users can easily test it out themselves as it’s free to try with a file size that is almost negligible in today’s standards.

Actual Virtual Desktops
Actual Virtual Desktops is a program that will let you customize your PC and create great environments for work and play. Download it now.
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