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CCleaner is a tool with an ability to clean your PC by removing inessential and redundant files from your PC. As such, cleaning your PC helps to fix and curb error that may lower system performance. Thus ensuring your PC has optimized software helps in rejuvenating its performance by speeding up its workability as well as protecting your confidential files. Also, the cleaner has the ability to show the amount of space you can save in your PC and the intensity of improvement it can make to enhance the workability of your computer. Below are some of the features, how it works, and its importance to your PC.

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CCleaner Features

CCleaner works on optimizing your PC by fixing and improving its stability in diverse areas regarding computer programs, files, and even graphics. The cleaner has sub tools with diverse functions regarding stabilizing the performance of your machine. For instance, windows cleaner, registry cleaner, and browser cleaner. They empty recycle bin, clear unused registry and clear cookies and history of Your PC respectively.

How CCleaner works

Downloading and installing CCleaner to your PC helps in improving the durability of your device. The program enhances its performance by removal of redundant drivers and files. The tool lets you analyze the files in your system.

Consequently, it also notifies you in the event of any potential harmful unwanted file that may impact your machine negatively. It communicates the risk of keeping a potentially harmful file and gives you an option of either removing it or keeping it and face the underlying risk. The cleaner checks temporary files that are less important to your machine and authorizes for voluntary removal of the files by clicking Run cleaner button. CCleaner checks Windows Registry and offers a spring cleaning thus freeing your machine’s operating system from broken links and unexploited entries.

Improvements in PC performance

CCleaner helps to clean your PC by removal of inessential files, temporary internet files, and cookies that clog the system.  For instance, the more you put your PC to use the more it accumulates clutter. The latter, when not removed, results in compromising your PC’s performance. As such, the cleaner helps in optimizing your device by improving and maintaining its working ability.

With your consent, the tool is capable of analyzing and removes gigabyte of redundant files that are causing your device to crawl or even crash. As such, this tool helps to remarkably improve your device performance. It does it by removal of files that may pose a threat to its workability by showing the size of the file, its name and the potential harm it might cause.


The most popular cleaner for Windows systems. It makes your computer run faster and gives your more free disk space.

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