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Classic Shell 4.3.1

In a sea of lookalikes, those of us that like to stand out often find ourselves held back by the options available on the market. When it comes to your computer’s OS, this is even more pronounced as most makers like Apple and Microsoft don’t really give you a lot of leeway in transforming your interface into what you like. But that could all be different for Windows PC users that download Classic Shell.

How to Download Classic Shell

The final version of Classic Shell can be downloaded for free. Click on the link below the review. The program is no longer developed but it has been picked up by a group of enthusiasts and new versions are released under the name of Open Shell.

The Program Review

This is an awesome customization solution for Windows that lets you transform your desktop into a bespoke experience that is optimized around your needs as a user. It is powerful, robust, easy to use, and doesn’t change anything about your core system which makes it safe to use and trustworthy. In this article, we’re going to talk about the program’s features and how users can make use of them.

At its most basic level, Classic Shell is a start menu customization tool with a list of other powerful interface customization options. As such, it is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. You can also change the toolbar and status bar in Windows or the caption and status bar in Internet Explorer if you are using that browser.

A wide-ranging Windows altering program, Classic Shell doesn’t change functionality and we really need to emphasize that. It is an appearance-oriented application and really nothing more though its features in that area are many and comprehensive.

Who is Classic Shell For?

What kind of user is Classic Shell aimed towards? Users that prefer the look of Windows XP and later systems are the target audience for the tool. The reason for this is because this interface greatly mimics that era and, as many of us know, Windows XP is still massively popular to this day.

From simulating the popular look and menu layouts of that era to the bubbly menus with bright, colorful graphics, this software does an excellent job of marrying the new with the old but, again, it does not change core OS functions.

That’s somewhat of a disappointment for some users but it is also a common misconception among many people that this is a feature of Classic Shell.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a Windows XP emulator or something that is Windows XP for today, this is not it. It is merely an interface customization tool. As far as using it, it is easy to use with clear functions and menu options. If you run into issues, Classic Shell has support online as well as user forums where fans of the software talk about it amongst themselves.

Beyond that, the developers have their own feature request form on Classic Shell’s landing page where you can ask for certain things to be implemented in the future.

In this regard, the program is an option that users can implement with confidence since the software is very much alive and regularly updated to correct known issues. Users that crave the golden era of Windows XP should take a hard look at Classic Shell as an option for radically transforming the appearance of your Windows OS.

Classic Shell
Classic Shell is a free tool that lets you customize the appearance of your Windows operating system. Download it now.
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