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Métamorphose is a file and folder renamer tool, an open-source mass renaming program that mixes nice flexibility with an intuitive interface. It provides most command renaming operations in a single utility, excellent for those people that require to rename massive numbers of files and/or folders on a daily basis. It is a GUI based application for Windows that will automate your renaming tasks

How to Download and Install Métamorphose

This tool is supported by several Windows operating system although the latest ones: Windows 8 and Windows 10 are not listed. In fact, we had trouble installing the stable version of Métamorphose on Windows 10 but the beta version (2) installed successfully there. Both can be downloaded from the official website. The beta version can be downloaded if you follow the link below the review.

The Program Features

You will be able to preview each item to be renamed before committing changes. You can add any range of operations in any order (v.2 only). There is a presence of recursive renamer to load all files within the directory and in subdirectories. You will be able to undo changes just in case of mistakes. There is a support of regular expression throughout. Renaming music and image files by their metadata is one of the exciting features. Full Unicode support means that any character from any language may be used.

The application supports the use of all allowed characters beneath Windows and OSX, all except ‘:’ in the UNIX system. It has a very friendly user interface that will satisfy your need.

Renaming MP3 files with their ID3 tags is possible.

Métamorphose file and folder renamer divides its options into several tabs within the interface, showing in real time the changes made in the names of the selected files and allowing to undo the changes in case you set the leg.

The options are almost endless: add prefixes or suffixes, delete a certain string of characters, shorten the name by the beginning or the end, rename the files according to the ID3 tags if it is MP3, insert or replace characters, add numbers, change the style of uppercase or lowercase. Despite that, the tool is easy to use, complete and very practical.

These operations are backed by a set of preferences, like the selection of whether or not to indicate hidden directories within the tree view and whether or not to include compatibility with Windows characters and file names within the warnings once an operation is current. The online help system that explains the expected workflow and includes many samples of the probabilities will benefit you as well.

Annoyingly, the help windows are not closable. Most users, too, could be momentarily baffled by the utilization of “walk” to mean an algorithmic choice on the Picker tab. However, these are tiny imperfections in an otherwise efficient style. New users may well be unclear concerning a number of the choices, like regular expressions or the utilization of != for “not adequate to,” but, in general, anyone with laptop experience ought to have few issues with Métamorphose for the straightforward reason that it’s arranged  out to accommodate the foremost logical workflow for its operations.

File management is one amongst the smallest amount glamorous parts of computing, however, I am happy to visualize any program whose interface pays such attention to detail. As easy as it is, Métamorphose is additionally one of the few graphical tools that creates a feeling that I’m not giving a lot of up by doing bodywork from the desktop – so much in order that I might wish to see its functionality in a file manager instead of a separate program. Meanwhile, though, it’s already become a part of my everyday kit.

Other Important Features of the Tool

  • Show images (Métamorphose v.2 only),
  • Save all application settings to file for next use,
  • Renaming actions, which can apply to name and/or extension,
  • Prefix,
  • Suffix,
  • Replacement, alteration, or move by Character, location, or regular expression,
  • Insertion by: Position or all (number) characters,
  • Length adjustments (padding, truncating, or both),
  • Renaming techniques: the combination of user text, numbering, date,
  • Alterations: UPPERCASE, lowercase, Capitalize first, from the titles and so on,
  • Consecutive numbering options,
  • Use of all types of numbers,
  • With integers, use any character to any set width, or auto pad,
  • With alphabetical, auto filling in this format: aaa, aab, aac, … aba, …,
  • Control step size, beginning number, reset the count,
  • Set date and time yourself or get from the system,
  • Use provided defaults or define your own date and time formats.

Métamorphose is a robust files and folders renaming tool. Download it now for free to automate your daily renaming tasks.
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