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Bandicam is a free downloadable multifunctional program that allows you to capture video, record games, desktop activities or your work in an application. It was created for demanding users who expect reliability, want a wide range of useful features and desire also ease of use. The application of this program goes beyond the standard features offered by similar programs.

How to Download Bandicam

The download of the program is free. Keep in mind, however, that in the free version each video has a watermark, and cannot be also longer than 10 minutes. It is thus worth to download the full version – it can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

How to Use the Program

Thanks to Bandicam you can:

  • Record game sessions like WoW, Minecraft, WoT and the like,
  • Capture images in many different formats like BMP, JPG or PNG,
  • Record your screen in AVI and MP4 format,
  • Record YouTube, Skype, iTunes and much more.

are the most important advantages of Bandicam:

  • long recording time – you can create recordings up to 24 hours in length,
  • the generated video files are small in size, so you can without much effort embed them on web pages or blogs and send them in email messages,
  • thanks to the very simple and intuitive interface of the program, even a completely new user will feel right at home,
  • Bandicam does not have a video file size limit. This feature eliminates the limitations that are characteristics of the counterparts of the program,
  • there is no need to convert a file designed to be uploaded to YouTube, which makes life easy for anyone who wants to upload their videos quickly and easily.

Bandicam Review

Bandicam will fully satisfy both beginners and advanced users who need a tool that allows them to capture, capture and create screenshots. It has been designed for people who need robust functionality, and ease of use.

At an affordable price, you will get a program that offers unprecedented functionality, it is indispensable when creating and sharing your own movies, screenshots, video game recordings or Skype conversations.

Bandicam was designed by a company that has created such pearls as Capture Library (Bandicam SDK) and Video Library / SDK, which have been praised by such established companies as Nexon, NCsoft, Tencent, and Ubisoft. These types of brands cannot afford to use programs that is difficult to work with or unstable.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a program that will make it easy and enjoyable to use the abovementioned features, Bandicam Screen Recorder offers everything for a relatively small amount of money.

You receive a high-quality product that meets the needs of the most demanding users. The Bandicam creators put a lot of effort into designing their product, and the end result is truly outstanding. MadDownload.com in its review gives Bandicam the mark of 9.5/10

Bandicam for Fee

The best way to find out about Bandicam Video Recorder will be to test it while you work with it. We sincerely recommend it and we are convinced that you will not be disappointed. What’s more, you will most likely stop using all the other similar programs and you will recommend Bandicam to your friends.

Alternative Video Editors

The most important alternatives to the program are:

  • Camtasia Studio,
  • Fraps,
  • OBS Open Broadcaster Software Studio,
  • and Action! 2.7.1 from Mirilis.

The Main Applications of the Program

  1. The primary way to use the program is to record games. The application allows you to video in 4K resolution with 144 frames per second. The video you create can be uploaded to YouTube without any problems.
  2. Capture desktop video – useful for recording any kind of demonstration. Ability to save AVI or MP4 file.
  3. Record from external devices such as the Xbox console or PlayStation, but also smartphones, webcams and IPTV. Bandicam Webcam Recorder supports NVIDIA NVIDIA / CUDA h.264 encoders, Intel Quick Sync video and MD APP.

Bandicam is a free editor and video recorder that lets you record video from games, desktop or external sources. Download the free version and check it in action.
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