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Shotcut 22.11.25

If you are into video editing then Shotcut is something that you have to download. This is completely free and it is open source too. It works with pretty much everything and it is designed to be as easy to use as possible. It even has more advanced features for those of you who fancy yourselves as a Spielberg or Tarantino!

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The Program Review

I want to start by talking about how easy Shotcut is to use. Once you have the program up and running, you can just drag and drop the video and audio files and get to work right away. It offers a very basic and easy-to-understand method to edit clips together to make something longer, cut bits out, and so on.

All kinds of files and video quality are supported here! This can allow you to make videos in SD, HD, and even up to 4K. Of course, the quality of the video you make will largely depend on the source you are using. However, this does have a few little tricks up its sleeve to help you get the best out of the files that you are using.

There is color correction and grading which can take an image that looks slightly “off” and make it fare more presentable. It has other great features such as deinterlacing, fixing the white balance, and some very nifty fading in and out options for both the video and audio. It is stacked with editing features and people will have a lot of fun playing around with the various features and options.

Shotcut also gives you a lot of control over the audio in your movie too. It has various ways you can increase the bass, treble, vocal clarity, and so on. Not to mention adding in various effects, cleaning up sound here and there, and in general just making sure the audio fits the video.

The editing features that are on offer here are great. I liked how it could be very basic, where you just take your files, slap them together, and BAM you have a professional-looking video. Also, the way you can truly break down each scene, add audio, various filters, and effects means that those that love to work hard with any kind of post-production will truly be in their element here.

While I do think that they have made this program so that you can mess around with it and at least figure out the basics. There is a tutorial section on the site that has some fantastic videos. Here you can learn the basics of the program, but there are also videos that teach you about things such as using crossfades, transitions, and other cool effects.

I think that Shotcut is the best video editing software that I have personally used. Before this, I was messing with Windows Movie Maker and there is honestly no comparison between that and this as Shotcut is so much better. It is completely free so if you do any kind of video editing there is no reason at all why you should not try this.

Shotcut is a very popular multi-platform free video editor. Download it now and create amazing 4K movies with cool video effects.
9 Total Score
Shotcut Review Summary

  • It makes video editing as easy as possible
  • Even the more “advanced” features are not over complicated
  • You can make some very professional looking and sounding videos
  • You do not have to spend a penny to use this!
  • Sometimes you can spend ages tweaking things when it is not really necessary
  • It has made me think I am on the same level as Steven Spielberg!
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