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Egg-Time Counter 1.1.0

Egg-Time Counter has the same features as VisualTimer. If you want to set a timer, this software is the right choice for you. Other than that, it’s simple to use and doesn’t require technical expertise. Besides, you don’t have to install it as it’s a portable application and can work on any device.

As it provides a hassle-free installation process, which means you don’t have to worry about system requirements. It’s a count-down application and comes with different features such as preferences, set timer, counter settings, and more.

Also, you can set different fonts for the time in case if you are not satisfied with the system font. In addition, you can preview time and can pause it too.

How to Download Egg-Time Counter

To download the program, check out also other software by Roger Meier, for example, Visual Timer, which is also a count-down app.

The Program Review

Many people have to track their work hours because they have to submit details at the end of the day for a better salary. Even in many offices, it has become a rule to track down work hours and attach them with invoices.

Regardless of why you need a timer, it’s a good habit to set a timer and work according to it. Not only does it save you a lot of time, but also make you more punctual. In fact, we can say that it’s the best way to complete your tasks and track your progress.

With the advancement in technology, thousands of timer apps have been created. All of them are available in different designs and colors. So, we have chosen a simple yet reliable program for you. Yes, we are talking about Egg-Time Counter. It’s a free app from Roger Meier’s Freeware collection. You can check his other apps, too, such as CoolTerm, BatchTouch, and more.

This application is created for all users who want to track their activities by setting time. Even if you are working, this tool will run in the background and will beep until you close it. Isn’t it amazing?

This software also makes sure that you can adjust the setting according to your requirements. Whether you want to change colors or font, this program allows you to adjust things easily.

The Key Features of Egg-Time Counter

Here are some important key features of this application.

  1. Font Options

There are various font options available for you. From the dashboard, you can choose the font according to your desire.  In case if you didn’t want to choose the font, the program will set it to default, which will be a system font.

  1. Setting Colors

You can choose different colors and can change the look of the timer. You can even adjust the color of minutes, such as you can select blue for the last minute, and for the last 10 seconds, you can choose any other color.

  1. Suspend ScreenSaver

You don’t have to close the Screensaver from your system, because, on the dashboard, you can see this option. Just check the option “Suspend Screensaver,” and you are good to go.

  1. Set and Pause Time

You can set the timer and can also pause it if you have completed your work before time. Other than that, you can preview it too from the panel.

  1. Simple Interface

It has a simple GUI, which means you can easily find all the options.

Final Verdict

This utility is ideal for office users and students. If you want to do your tasks on time, we recommend using it. Not just you will be able to work on time, but you can also see how you are good at managing time.

Egg-Time Counter
Egg-Time Counter is a simple program that lets you count down to a specific point in time. Perfect for boiling eggs. Download it now.
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