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EMDB is a great tool designed for people that collect a lot of TV series and movies. If you like having all this stuff on disks, it’s safe to say that at some point you might have trouble remembering what items you own. EMDB is designed to make this entire process simpler and a lot easier all the time. It helps you keep all the collection under control and you can easily manage the database in a clever and unique manner.

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The Program Review

The app’s main focus is to eliminate the challenge of not knowing what you own. That’s usually the main issue, with EMDB you can eliminate that naturally and it will certainly help you a lot more than you might imagine. So as long as you give it a try adequately it will be a very good experience.

You can have hundreds of shows and movies in EMDB, and the app will still make things easy for you because you will have all the features you want and it will be a very immersive experience every time thanks to it. You have everything under control and the thumbnails make it really easy to recognize everything without rushing it. That brings in a lot of levity and the experience itself is improved because you know exactly what you get and how you receive it.

The movie or TV series information comes from IMBD, and you can easily export the content to HTML, text, CSV and so on. In case you are getting some of the movies as a rental, you will have a loan tracker in the app too.

One of the things that you will cherish a lot here is the fact that you get to have a very interesting, advanced search and filter function, and it will bring in front a very good way to find the stuff you want. It’s a lot more convenient than ever before, and having control after that can really be a tremendous experience for you to check out.

The app is multilanguage, it’s translated in a few dozen languages, so you can easily adapt it to the local requirements if you have any, which is great. Since EMDB doesn’t need any external libraries, it’s fully dependable and it will work on its own. It can be used as a portable tool, so if you want to use it on an USB stick you will be just fine with it. The great part about this is that the app is constantly improving.

They are adding things like Rotten Tomatoes importing, cover importing, user interface modifications and a plethora of great things. New translations are added all the time, to make EMDB more accessible and easier to use for people all over the world. If you are very passionate about the idea of managing your DVD or TV show collection, just check it out and we guarantee that you will have a very good experience with EMDB. It’s creative, fully customizable and it can help you keep things under control!

EMDB or Eric's Movie DataBase will let you catalog your collection of movies. Download it now and enjoy its many cool features.
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