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Eye Pro is a freeware application that was developed by Classie Soft which is targeted towards a certain demographic which handles the use of a computer screen for long extended periods of time without a proper break. Eye Pro is a program designed to notify users when a break is needed and it also recommends certain exercises that can be done by users to prevent overexertion resulting in Computer Vision Syndrome.

How to Download Eye Pro 

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The Program Review

The extent of damage to eyes from computer screens.

Viewing a computer screen is much more stressful on one’s eyes compared to any other daily chore. Using a computer screen requires a high visual demand, from tiny characters on a screen to continuous high framerate changes and the presence of blue light emissions all cause massive strains to the eyes of a user.

Other than these there may be technical issues such as the lack of definition on characters being viewed on the screen, low level of contrast and the additional problem of glares or reflections being present on the viewing screen.

The odd viewing angles and distances that are required may also negatively impact the user in both, the eyes and through various physical strains, this is due to the stress placed by users on their necks and body by maintaining an incorrect body posture to compromise for the vision impairment. The physical strains usually affect the back, neck, shoulder and may even induce painful muscle spasms to certain individuals.

With studies showing that office users remain in front of their computer screens for over 1700 hours a day and close to 7 hours on average daily one can assume this relates to such professions only; However, using a computer screen for even 2 hours without taking a proper break/ having a bad posture can cause a surprising number of problems in a regular human being.

Computer Vision Syndrome is a temporary condition caused due to the muscles present in the individuals eyes being unable to cope with the stress being put on them, lack of sleep and lack of proper rest makes the situation to aggravate resulting in headaches, blurred vision, eye strain, Unusually dry and irritated eyes, double vision, mild Vertigo along with Polyopia, and general difficulty in refocusing.

How Can Eye Pro Help?

Eye Pro acts as a reminder to the user when they are over committing without proper breaks or rest. The fact that the program being designed by the collaboration and guidance of eye specialists ensures that the quality and accuracy of the application are top-notch.

The user can set both premade and custom made time limits, this allows you to configure one’s allocated break period to be within their limits, but it is not recommended to adjust one’s timer to be disproportionate as it will destroy the whole purpose( meaning, allocate the break accordingly without abusing the customization power provided by the program)

What Happens During a Break?

The activities that follow up a break depends purely on the duration allocated by the user in EyePro.

During the break EyePro takes control of the whole screen, halting your current work. If the user has selected a ”long break” it will then proceed to start a timer where it will provide you with the opportunity to relax your eyes and gives you the option of doing certain exercises recommended by doctors to avoid physical strain on your body, Quick exercises to the eye are also present.

If the user has selected a shorter break, the program allows one to carry out eye exercise that fits the time period as well.

These eye exercises namely vision therapy range from small animations to miniature games that are proclaimed to reduce stress and relax one’s eyes.

Physical exercises are similar to the ones you see on a healthcare magazine compromising basic stretches and movements to reduce the stress and pressure present at joints and damage-prone areas due to prolonged periods of limited movement.

Special Features

The program provides relief for stress from overworking. Eye Pro provides the user with jokes, facts and other enjoyable suggestions allowing one to recover from work-related stress


THM is a questionnaire present in Eye Pro designed to act as a customization input to the application, when answered which takes a mere 2 mins of one’s time, allows the application to automatically adjust the program settings to suit the user’s eye status.

Data analysis provides the user with a summary which acts as a mean for optimization by notifying the user on where they can improve to reduce stress on one’s self.

Screen Filters

Eye Pro allows the user to place screen filters along with the ability to tweak with the brightness and contrast for preference. Eye filters present can be utilized in different scenarios benefiting to the user; Blue light filter to reduce eye strain while allowing the hormone melatonin to function, thereby preventing sleep deprivation.

Support for Multiple Monitors

A health meter which shows the user the health benefits they have received from using Eyepro.

Ability to postpone breaks if the user is away from the working environment, making sure the stats are unaffected.

An Eyecare tips section which provides the user with ergonomic environment tips and generic tips on lighting and other influential factors

The Bottom Line

This Freeware Application is extremely beneficial to the everyday office worker as time and work, often makes individuals forget about general health and safety; Eye pro does a wonderful job acting as a companion providing relevant breaks, notifications, tips, monitoring and other health benefitting features. This is an application which benefits everyone and as it’s free nothing is preventing one from using it

Eye Pro
Eye Pro will make sure your eyes are fully rested while you use your computer. Download it and feel the difference now.
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