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Guitar and Bass 1.2.1

Learning music is one of the most difficult things many of us will ever attempt, but Guitar and Bass makes it a lot easier for those of us that are interested in mastering string instruments.  While it might not seem natural to use a computer program to help you learn how to play an instrument, this software offers such robust and surprisingly stellar functionality that it cannot be ignored.

Whether you’re just starting out in your music journey or you’re quite experienced, we think this software will have something to offer you and should be something you consider downloading quite soon.

In this article, we’re going to review the app and tell you what we love about it – and what we think it can do for you and your musical abilities.

How to Download Guitar and Bass

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The Program Review

Guitar and Bass is a clever tool that you can use to work with a variety of musical instruments. The idea here is that whenever you want to practice or improve your knowledge about a certain instrument, you can use Guitar and Bass to do that naturally. It works great with a banjo, mandolin, bass, and guitar, among many others. It’s a very versatile tool with lots of exciting features and it certainly works to your own advantage thanks to that.

What we like the most about Guitar and Bass is the fact that it has a very professional interface despite being a free tool. You can start by picking the instrument you want to work with and you can tune it to your own advantage. You can easily view instructions on the fretboard and you can also integrate tablatures into this, which is very helpful as you try to customize your experience.

Thanks to Guitar and Bass you can select chords, go through the fingers and notes view modes. They even help you play the instrument after you fully customize everything. It’s all very adaptable and fully customizable to your requirements. They do a very good job of making sure that you have the cord finder, metronome, and tuner in a single package.

They can even help you set the audio input and jam with the band. Or you can stick to playing music on your own. The app has support for both options, which is very versatile for a music creator, and that’s what you want to do when you are practicing music.

Guitar and Bass has plenty of setup options and you will find it to work really well for what it is. The app is known for being very easy to adapt to your own needs. You can change sounds if you want, modify the tuning properties and you can even enable the left-handed fretboard view. It’s a very versatile unit for what it is, and the results themselves can be among some of the best every time, so give it a try for yourself to get the best outcome.

The Program Interface

The interface for the program is clean and simple. It lets you know what your options are and what you can do with the program.

In many ways, it is deceptively clean and simple because it makes you think this app doesn’t have a lot to offer.

It does, and it is incredibly powerful.

You just have to figure out what you need out of it.

Whether it is learning chords or training your ear for music, this software has you covered. It will even help you learn how to tune your instrument so that you get the best sound out of it.

Really, it is a great accompaniment to a musician that needs a little bit of extra instruction outside of classes with a teacher.

You Need to Know What You’re Doing

That brings us to our biggest problem with the software: Familiarity.

You do need to know a little bit about music before you attempt to use this software. People who are just starting might find it daunting at worst or useless at best.

That’s because the app does rely upon a little bit of ground knowledge about how to play the instruments on offer in order to help you.

If you’re just starting to learn how to play an instrument, we recommend that you maybe wait a while to get this software as it won’t prove useful to you until you’ve learned a bit about the field first.

Which Guitars is Guitar and Bass for?

What instruments does Guitar and Bass help you learn? Guitar (6, 7 string), Bass (4, 5 string), Banjo (4, 5 string), and Mandolin are the primary instruments that it works with though it has some general “Garage Band” style functions as well.

You can create short audio clips, practice chords, tune your instrument, and much more. The level of utility you get out of the software will roughly correspond to how skilled you are at the instrument in question.

A lot of software either caters to absolute beginners or to general audiences, and we can safely say that this is one piece of software that is great for advanced practitioners as well.

Musicians that want a cheap, easy solution to having a personal tutor on call should give Guitar and Bass a download.


You also have the app called JamApp created by the same developer which is basically created for playing music and tracking the way you play. It’s a very simple app and it helps you control the tempo and speed, pitch and the stereo balance. It also has a 5-band equalizer You can just through various parts of the song, and you can practice a single part of the song with loops.

Both JamApp and Guitar and Bass add up to bring in front a very good and rewarding experience. The value itself is designed to be very impressive and you will appreciate the great value and quality being brought to the table. You need to give it a try for yourself and based on that you can obtain a great experience. Using that to your own advantage can be a good idea since both apps are fully adaptable to your needs and they can be a great musician’s tool!

Guitar and Bass
Guitar and Bass is a great free tool for every guitarist. Download it now and let it help you in your everyday music practice.
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