Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a game that pretty much came out of nowhere. Many people thought that the people at Respawn were working on Titanfall 3, but instead, this is what they were cooking up! Apex Legends is their own take on the Battle Royale genre.

How to Download Apex Legends

To download the PC version of Apex Legends for free, click on the Download button located below this review. The game is also available for Xbox One and PS4.

The Game Review

First of all let me state by saying that in just a few hours, Apex Legend has managed to get over 1 million players across all three platforms. No matter what your feelings are about EA or the fact that Respawn was making this instead of Titanfall 3, that is one heck of an achievement and shows how much people love this studio.

So what exactly is Apex Legends? Well as I write this I have only put a few hours into the Xbox One version of the game so please keep that in mind. However, I can say that I am very much liking what I have experienced so far. The game makes you do a tutorial level where you get to pick one of the Legends. This explains the basics really well and it is pretty handy.

Apex Legends is a free to play Battle Royale game. You play in teams of three and there are 60 players total in a match. There is a real emphasis on squad play here and if you fall in battle it is possible for a teammate to grab your “card” take it to a machine and have you drop back in. This act of kindness from your teammate though can be dangerous as they can be shot while trying to bring you back.

While it is a Battle Royale game, I also feel that Apex Legends has a little bit of Overwatch about it too and that is not a bad thing. The game has a selection of Legends (like Overwatch’s heroes) for you to pick from and at the time I played it six Legends were available. Each of the Legends has their own story, personality and also special ability.

The character that I mainly played as was called, Lifeline. Her special ability was that she could use a Care Package that would tether to nearby teammates and heal them. So as you can tell if you are playing as her you are playing as the healer for your team. A huge part of the strategy is going to be figuring out what three Legends work best with yours and your teammates playing style.

As far as the core gameplay goes, Apex Legends is a lot of fun. While there is no wall running or giant Titans. It does have the pace of Titanfall and I have been really enjoying the run and gun lightning like quick gameplay that I have experienced so far. It is a game where you certainly have to be on your toes and be ready to react in a moment’s notice.

I only had a little glance in the store, but as this is an EA game and a free to play one at that, you better believe you can spend some real-world money in this game. There are skins and other cool items to buy, but I am not 100 percent sure if anything that is currently for sale can impact gameplay. Of course, this is free to play so if you do not want to spend money then you do not have to.

While I have only spent a couple of hours with Apex Legends I am really liking what I am seeing so far. I love the idea of a hero-based Battle Royale game and feel that no doubt more heroes and game modes will be coming if the game takes off. I just hope that people are willing to give the game a chance and not just pass it off as another EA cash grab. Just remember Respawn made this game and they tend to make great games!

Apex Legends
Apex Legend is a battle royale game. Download it now, choose your hero and engage in a strategic team combat.
9 Total Score
Apex Legends Review Summary

  • The different heroes all seem fun
  • Really fast run and gun gameplay
  • Each hero has their own special abilities
  • Gunplay is really exciting
  • Puts a real emphasis on working as a team
  • Lots of Microtransactions to tempt you
  • A few performance issues have been reported
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