Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is a downloadable FPS game from the developers over at Respawn Entertainment, the same team that’s only really known for the first Titanfall game that dropped with the Xbox One originally. Released on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC this time around, the game was released on the 28th October 2016 (two years after Titanfall) and continued on from where the last game left off. This time around, the game has its own single-player campaign, and more multiplayer content than the previous game ever did.

How to Download Titanfall 2

You can download Titanfall 2 from the Origin store. To start downloading, click on the Download link located at the end of the review. Unfortunately, Titanfall 2 is not available on Steam.

The Game Review

Unlike the first game, Titanfall 2 actually is equipped with a single-player campaign this time around and focuses on Jack Cooper, a rifleman who has always had dreams of piloting a Titan. Shortly after dropping down onto an alien planet known as Typhon, Cooper is given the controls to his very own Titan as one of his teammates is no longer able to pilot it. As the story unfolds, Cooper comes across a new type of weapon called a “Fold Weapon”, a weapon so powerful that it’s capable of destroying entire planets, so the story revolves around doing whatever he must to prevent that weapon from being used.

The controls this time around are pretty much exactly the same as Titanfall, where you run around the map in a 1st person perspective, with the ability to do a bit of parkour – running along walls – and you can summon your Titan when things start to get particularly hairy. In the single-player campaign, the game has you alternate between playing as Jack Cooper, the new pilot and the Titan itself. As a result of this, gameplay is split between piloting a Titan and just being a regular soldier while out on the battlefield, so it takes a lot of similarities from the multiplayer, without outright copying it.

With the multiplayer, it’s pretty much exactly how it was before. You can customize your perfect loadout – including the Titan-type as well – and then you go around the map, focusing on whatever objective you may have, such as capture a point or kill as many enemies as you can. Providing you’ve done enough good for your team, you’ll be given access to your Titan, at which point you must find enough space on the map to call in a drop.

Once you’re inside, it makes killing your enemies much easier, but you become a much bigger target as a result, but the trade-off never really seems to be unfair. Once again, unique Titans have different weapons and abilities like in the previous game, so picking and choosing your favorite Titan doesn’t have to be based solely on looks.

In terms of comparisons, Titanfall 2 takes what it learned from the first game and expanded upon it. Taking inspiration from both the Call of Duty franchise and the Battlefield franchise and they seemed to have meshed them together into this epic mech-fighting FPS game that is pretty unlike anything else out on the market in terms of FPS games.

Anyone that’s been on the lookout for a fun FPS game that has a great selection for its multiplayer or simply enjoyed the first one, the sequel certainly doesn’t disappoint. In fact, the sequel improves on pretty much everything the first game got wrong and that’s quite a feat overall.

Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2 is a science fiction first-person shooter. Download it now for some mech action, either in the single-player campaign or in multiplayer clashes.
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