Battlefield Hardline

Ahh, Battlefield Hardline or as I like to call it the forgotten Battlefield game. Released in 2015 for pretty much everything, this game just came and went. It is a spin-off from the Battlefield series. It was actually the last game put out by the folks at Visceral Games before they had to close their doors.

As this is a spin-off, Visceral Games were allowed to try something a bit different with the franchise. Rather than being based on a massive war. Battlefield Hardline is about a war on drugs and features a more gritty and hard-hitting kind of narrative. It is a radical departure for the series, but it works.

The single-player campaign is set in Miami where you play as a detective trying to bring down this new drug called, Hot Shot. After a bloody shoot out that turns up an interesting lead, the two main detectives find themselves in the middle of one hell of a messed-up case that is threatening to destroy the city.

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The Game Review

It is pretty cool stuff and so very different from what we are used to with a Battlefield game. I liked the characters and it really does feel like a movie. As this is a spin-off game, I do feel that it is lacking those high production values we would get from a Battlefield game that was made by DICE.

The voice acting is great and there are many standout performances. The only issue I really have is the length of the campaign. It is the kind of thing you can blow through in just a few sittings. It is a blast while it lasts and at the time I wanted more, but in all honesty, I am not sure it is the kind of campaign you would want to play through again.

Battlefield is all about the multiplayer and this game has a tremendously fun multiplayer. For this game, many new game modes were added. Heist is probably my favorite, here you need to play as the good guys or the criminals. The criminals need to steal the money and get it to the extraction point, the cops need to stop them.

Another game mode I enjoyed is called Blood Money. In Blood Money, two teams of criminals are fighting over money, the first to bring 5 million back to their base wins. In Rescue, you play as a SWAT team, or as criminals, SWAT team members need to save hostages. The criminals need to kill the cops or last until the negotiations are done.

The game is stacked with modes! As well as those two, Hotwire and Crosshair are also brand-new game modes. The multiplayer is what really makes this game stand out for me. Like other Battlefield games, there is a real emphasis on teamwork here and those that work as a team will have a better chance of victory.

Far too many people look past this game, but the truth is, Battlefield Hardline is a very fun experience. I enjoyed the campaign, but the multiplayer modes are what really make this in my opinion. The new war on the streets setting was a breath of fresh air and I would love to see DICE make a Battlefield game with a similar premise.

Battlefield Hardline
Battlefield Hardline is a first-person shooter game in which as a police detective you chase criminals. Download it now.
7.5 Total Score
Battlefield Hardline Review Summary

  • The campaign story is pretty awesome
  • It is hard-hitting and gritty!
  • The setting is very different from what we are used to with a Battlefield game
  • The multiplayer is a ton of fun!
  • I loved all of the new game modes that were added
  • The presentation is not quite what you would expect from a Battlefield game
  • You can get through the campaign in no time at all
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