I went into KurtzPel kind of blind, but I have always been interested in games that are based on or have an anime style to them. This is a free to play game that is currently in early access. It is getting a lot of flak right now, but I have to say that the game is not actually as bad as some reviews are making out.

How to Download KurtzPel

To play KurtzPel you have to download it from Steam. To proceed, click on the button located at the end of this review. If you like anime games be sure to also check out SoulWorker or God Eater 3.

The Game Review

I think a big problem is that a lot of people are going into this expecting it to be an RPG. It is certainly not; I would put this more as a fighting game than anything else. Yes, it does have some RPG style elements to it, but this is not a typical anime-style RPG. As a matter of fact, from what I have experienced, PVP is clearly the main focus of this game.

Let’s start with the character creation tools. As you would expect you need to pick a class, but some of the classes are DLC as I write this. I do understand that all classes will become available eventually, but as of right now they are DLC. The amount of clothing and styles at your disposal is amazing and I can see many people getting very hooked on this.

What I like about the character system in KurtzPel is the way that each one has two styles (or jobs if you prefer) you can switch between the two and each one has its own kind of thing going on. It kind of reminds me of what the Samurai Showdown games did many years ago. It is an interesting idea and one that I would like to see expanded upon.

The PVP is where the main action in the game is at. Here you have some different modes that you can enjoy. Deathmatch and capture the flag were the two modes that I spent most of my time with. You also have conquest and I am sure that more game modes are going to be added as the game gets further into development.

There is also some PVE modes, but these are rather strange. I love the idea here as you can talk to new characters, make friends with them, unlock clothing, items, currency and so on. However, as I write this PVE is a time locked mode so you cannot just grind here as much as you would like. I am very hopeful that this will be fixed or changed sooner than later.

The actual combat in the game is what you will be spending most of your time doing (well and creating your character) and I do see some good here. It is very fast paced and I think that it has a kind of fast-paced MMORPG style when it comes to its combat. I have heard some say that it is pay to win, but I am not actually sure that I would go that far as I have beaten some people who have DLC, even though I did not.

As far as the style of the game goes I really dig what they have done here. For an early access game, the levels and the character models look pretty solid. I like the anime style and there is a lot of flashy colors here. I have noticed some lag on occasion., but never so much that it has ruined the game for me.

You have to keep in mind that KurtzPel is still in early access when you play it. I think the game is better than most people are saying and do think it is worth giving a try. Just know going in that this is not an anime-style RPG. It has more in common with a fighting game than anything else and a heavy emphasis on PVP over PVE.

KurtzPel is a free anime hack and slash game. Download it now and prepare for epic monster boss battles in PvP and PvE modes.
6.5 Total Score
KurtzPel Review Summary

  • The game looks pretty flashy
  • Tons of ways to customize your character
  • The devs seem quite open with the players
  • The combat is fast paced and fun
  • I would say that it is NOT pay to win
  • A few lag issues here and there
  • So far there is not exactly a ton to do in the game
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