SoulWorker is a game created by the Korean Lion Games studio. We are dealing here with an MMORPG title, which means an RPG game in which a large number of players can play with each other in a virtual world. The game is free and available in the free-to-play model. SoulWorker offers nice and colorful anime graphics.

The player has the ability to play as one of the teenagers who have powerful weapons and who are on a quest to clean the city of Cloudrealm from hordes of demons. The teenagers are the eponymous Soul Workers who fight against foes from hell. During the games, the player learns the history of the fall of Cloudrealm and the possibility of changing the status quo.

How to Download SoulWorker

SoulWorker can be downloaded for free from both Steam and directly from the game publisher’s website (which is Gameforge).

The Game Review

During the game, the player is transferred to three-dimensional locations with the task to clean the city sectors of demonic opponents. You observe the action in the game from behind the hero’s back, which allows comfortable control of your character. The game allows you also to change the position of the camera.

Other players can be found in neutral zones, where you can talk to them and even trade equipment. In order to complete many quests, cooperation is required, although on the other hand, some quests, especially at the beginning, can be finished by just one player. The characters can also compete with each other. At the time we write these words, the players have six characters to choose from.

Here are the heroes of SoulWorker:

  • Haru Hestia (Soulum Sword) is a girl who is wielding a great two-handed sword.
  • Erwin Arclight (Gun Jazz) is a boy, a specialist in firearms. He can shoot simultaneously with two hands.
  • Lily Bloomerchen (Mist Scythe) – a girl who wields a big scythe.
  • Stella Unibell (Howling Guitar) is a lovely guitarist who uses her instrument as a weapon.
  • Jin Seipatsu (Spirit Arms) – a boy who simply uses his own fists.
  • Iris Yuma (Hammerstol) – a girl using a huge hammer.

These characters differ in the used weaponry and emotions that are necessary to power their weapons. The changes in the clothing sets they use are made only for fun, but if you want, you can buy different beautiful outfits with the virtual currency in the game. The fights take place in real-time. The player can face demon hordes alone or with other users forming a group. During the fight, energy is created to strengthen your weapons. This way, for example, two players can form a devastating attack known as “coordination”.  As a reward for completed tasks, the player receives character cards that are useful during subsequent fights. Activated cards can be used also for other purposes, for example, to heal the hero.

SoulWorker is designed for PC running Windows PC. The engine the game runs on, responsible for generating eye-pleasing graphics, is called Havok Vision2Engine +. The graphics are drawn in the anime style. For this purpose, three-dimensional models of characters and cel-shading were used and it all looks rather well. During the game, you can also see anime cutscenes and dialogues with sound, which greatly adds to the atmosphere of the game. These will certainly appeal to the fans of Japanese animated series.

SoulWorker Hardware Requirements

SoulWorker has the following minimum hardware requirements:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo processor,
  • 2 GB of RAM,
  • 256 MB GeForce 7600 GS graphics card or better,
  • 4 GB HDD and

On the other hand, the recommended hardware requirements are:

  • Intel Core processor,
  • 4 GB of RAM,
  • 1 GB GeForce GTS 250 graphics card or better,
  • 5 GB HDD

Quite frankly, it looks as if you don’t need a supercomputer to comfortably play SoulWorker.

SoulWorker is a multiplayer RPG game in the anime style. The heroes fight against demonic creatures using their powerful weapons and emotions magic. Download the game for free and fight.
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