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Who the heck wants that was what I said when I first heard about Minecraft Dungeons. However, the more I heard and read about this game the more interested I became. I am actually surprised that we have not gotten tons of Minecraft spin-offs (although we have a few – Mincreaft Earth, Minecraft: Story Mode), but this one here is a great place to start (or to continue).

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The Game Review

If you have read anything about this game. I am sure you will have heard it be compared to Diablo and I am going to do the same thing. It has dungeons in the name and this game is 100 percent a dungeon crawler at its heart and it is like a “lite” version of what something like Diablo is offering. That though does nothing to take away from what a fun experience this game is.

Unlike other dungeon crawler games. Minecraft Dungeons does not give you a ton of classes, instead, you pick your skin, and from there as you progress you flesh out your character the way you want. Some might be disappointed in the lack of real dedicated classes, but I think what they have done here works very well with Minecraft.

The visuals of the game are very impressive. It has that Minecraft style to it, but everything in the game is very polished. Each area has a “Minecraft” style theme be it a village, mountain, or whatever. The game has a very simple story where The Arch Illager has stolen a powerful orb and is up to no good with it and you need to stop him. It may be basic, but it is a lot of fun.

What has kept me and my son hooked on this game is the gameplay. Each level has the same kind of formula. You kill enemies, find loot, kill a boss, get a nice big bit of treasure, and move on. However, there is more to the game than that and it so far is one of the most addictive games of 2020 for me.

The combat is very satisfying and what really makes this so is the upgrade system. As you play as you would expect you level up. Each time you do, you can then get an enchantment point which you can use on a piece of your equipment. These can give you various buffs and advantages and playing around with these is essential as you take on more difficult enemies.

Each dungeon is full of secret areas and while you can just go straight for the boss. This completely defeats the purpose of the game. More than likely you will not be strong enough to take on the boss or harder enemies deep in the dungeon. So, the game rewards you for taking a trip off the beaten path. This is in the form of some nice treasure, a map, or even just something really cool.

I have to say that as far as a dungeon crawler goes, Minecraft Dungeons is very basic. That though does not mean it is bad, in fact far from it. I have had an absolute blast with this game so far and I am very excited to see how it is going to be expanded upon in the coming months. I have played this with my son so it is a great game to play if you are looking for something fun to play with the kids.

Minecraft Dungeons
Minecraft Dungeons is a fantasy dungeon crawler set in the world made of voxels. Download it now. Adventure awaits!
9 Total Score
Minecraft Dungeons Review Summary

  • It captures the Minecraft style perfectly
  • The game looks far better than you would think
  • Tons of Minecraft skins to select from
  • The combat is fun and satisfying
  • The game is very basic, but it is a ton of fun
  • It might be limited if you are expecting this to be just like Diablo
  • I hope they put licensed skins into the game at some point
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