Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is what you get when you take the idea of Minecraft and mash it together with Pokémon Go! This is an augmented reality game that is all about getting you outside to find resources and to get some strange looks off your neighbors as you craft your structures!

How to Download Minecraft Earth

You can download the game from App Store or from Google Play Store. Click on the Download button and make your choice.

The Game Review

The comparison with Pokémon Go is something that you will hear time and time again when people talk about this game. I am playing this on a Samsung Galaxy S9 and it is working great, even for a game that is still not “fully” finished just yet. When you start the game, you will be surprised at how bright the map screen is and it captures the feel of Minecraft very well.

You will also notice that there is a ton of items on the screen too. The idea is that you walk around in the real world, tapping on the resources that you come across to add them to your inventory. I was very happy with how stacked every place I went to was, the map is much more generous than what Pokémon Go offers that is for sure.

While there is no shortage of resources, I sometimes do feel like I am coming across the same things over and over again. From what I understand this is something Mojang is working on. Anyway, as you gather a nice amount of resources, you may wonder what comes next, well that is where crafting comes into play.

The augmented reality aspect of this game is awesome. You will be pointing your phone at a table as you walk all around it getting the perfect angle so you can create your dream house, or whatever it is you are making. If you are doing this in public, you better be ready for some very strange looks.

If you have played Minecraft before, especially the mobile versions, you will feel right at home when you start to craft things. Crafting is also where Minecraft Earth starts to really show its “mobile” roots. You see when you want to craft something be it a pickaxe, some kind of stone or whatever it takes time.

When you are walking around this is not a big deal as you can just start something off as you then go and gather more resources. Most of the stuff in the early days of the game takes just a few minutes, but some of the rarer resources that you want to craft can take a considerable amount of time. I am sure the Rubies that the game has will be where they make the money in this game.

It is not in your face with this. However, I am sure some people will be tempted to spend real-world money to get Rubies to speed the timer up. I will say to the games credit, it does give you Rubies as you play and level up. Speaking of leveling up, you can get access to some build plates as you level up which is something, I feel will help push progression.

While we are only a few months in (as I write this) In the world of Minecraft Earth I do see some promise. Walking around gathering resources is fun and actually, building stuff in the real world is even more fun! However, this is a mobile game and I must admit I am concerned with the whole time and Rubies thing that is going on here.

Minecraft Earth
Minecraft Earth is augmented reality mobile simulation game. Download it now and build your own world of voxels.
8.5 Total Score
Minecraft Earth Review Summary

  • The idea is great
  • Crafting items in the real world is fun and strange
  • The game is very generous with the resources
  • You never feel like there is not something to be working towards
  • It makes walking fun!
  • Will this be a cash grab as it progresses?
  • I still have not experienced the combat yet
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