Dark Deception

There are some concepts for a video game that are so unique yet so familiar at the same time that it is just amazing at what people can do. The downloadable title Dark Deception is one of those games. Easily combining modern and classic gameplay, this horror puzzle title wins on creativity but hooks you with awesome gameplay.

How to Download Dark Deception

To download Dark Deception visit the Steam store. To start downloading find the link at the bottom of the review and boldly click it. It’s interesting to know that part of the work on the game was done by the creator of the famous The Joy of Creation: Story Mode.

The Game Review

Developed and published by Glowstick Entertainment, Dark Deception wears its influences on its sleeve and gamers who know their horror titles should be instantly familiar with the concept.

But it also combines elements from Pac Man and even Maze Runner, the mobile game, for an experience that is weird and addictive.

Basically, you run away from characters that look like they came straight out of Five Nights at Freddy’s. You do this in maze-like stages while collecting purple shards (see the Pac Man influence?). You keep moving forward in order to avoid being captured by one of these terrors which, again, look like the animatronic creatures from Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Graphically, the game looks like a late PlayStation 2 title so it isn’t going to win any awards for graphics. 

In terms of gameplay, however, the concept is quite simple: Get as far as you can, collect as many purple shards as possible, and see how much you improve.

Just like survival is the name of the game in Five Nights at Freddy’s, it is also the core of Dark Deception. The main difference is that you don’t really do any dynamic movement in FNaF nor do you collect purple shards. 

Oh, and there’s also a disembodied woman’s voice accompanying you through the levels in Dark Deception. Like we said, the game thrives on how strange it is.

Atmospherically, Dark Deception is quite familiar. The team behind it seems to have taken inspiration from the Spencer Mansion featured in the Resident Evil 1 Remake. The lighting is moody and static and everything has a lush, gothic feel that adds to the claustrophobic nature of the mazes. Everything is quite simple in terms of how it is put together but it is solid when it plays out. Gameplay wise, Dark Deception knows what it is doing and doesn’t suffer from any hiccups that would pull the player out of the game. 

Sound and music are spartan if nonexistent. This is somewhat disappointing given the opportunities in the sound department particularly. Relying heavily upon the jump scare effect, Dark Deception never attempts to do creepy or eerie. Those atmospheres tend to rely upon nuanced sound effects and you just won’t find that here.

Dark Deception
Dark Deception is a horror adventure game that lets you explore its world from a first-person perspective. Download it for some spine-chilling action.
8.5 Total Score
Dark Deception Review Summary

What you do get is a game that straddles the line between maze runner, puzzler, and horror game. It’s a unique title and definitely one fans of Five Nights at Freddy’s should check out. It is hard to imagine who the audience is outside of that group.

  • A unique concept
  • Remains scary throughout
  • So many things going on it is tough to classify the game
  • Feels like Five Nights at Freddy’s but “different”
  • Jump scares get old
  • How many times can you run away from something?
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)
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