Heaven’s Vault

Here is a game that ticks all the boxes for what makes an engaging, fun and interesting story-driven game. Heaven’s Vault is brought to us by the same people who made the incredible 80 Days. That was a choice-driven game and Heaven’s Vault aims to take that to the next level when it is fully released in the Spring of 2019.

How to Download Heaven’s Vault

Heaven’s Vault should be available for download from Steam for everyone in spring 2019. To check if it is already out there, click on the Download button below this early build preview.

The Game Preview

The setting and story for Heaven’s Vault is one that is great if you are a lover of sci-fi. The basics of the story are that you play as Aliya Elasra. She is an archeologist who is looking around a rather out there and strange part of the cosmos called The Nebula. She is not doing this alone though as she has a robot buddy called, Six.

When she is exploring someone from a university goes missing and this leads her onto a quest that is quite remarkable. It will show her things that she never thought possible, take her to the edge of space itself and let her known the secrets of the Heaven’s Vault. Seriously if you are a fan of science fiction then I really do think that the story is going to grab you and never let go.

A huge reason for this is not just because of how good the story is. It is because the people who made this game (Inkle) are all about giving the player as much choice as possible. Heaven’s Vault is one of the most organically progressive games I have encountered. Each choice you make gives you another bunch to make and then more, and more. It leads you down a rabbit hole and what starts off as a quick decision can really change things.

You find the secrets of what you are searching for by looking to the past, you are an archeologist after all. You do this through exploration, talking to people and translating texts that you come across. Each little piece, each encounter will unravel a little more of the story and keep you hooked and make you want to keep on going.

As you play the game you can explore and look at objects by clicking on them. As well as this you will need to solve some puzzles as well. The puzzles are how you translate this ancient alien language. The language can be very hard to get the hang of, but eventually, you will. Just try not to rush it and pay close attention as that was my mistake, trying to do it too fast.

So we have established that Heaven’s Vault is shaping up to be one of the best adventure/story style games of 2019, but I feel it is also one of the best looking. The still shots that you can see online look fantastic, but even in motion, the game looks like a million bucks. The art style reminds me of a cross between The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Ni No Kuni.

While I have only played a preview build and I was only able to explore one part of the Nebula. I was very impressed with what I saw. This is certainly the kind of game that is very easy to get lost in and the branching story paths are very well done. Plus there is also the fact that this game is very easy on the eyes!

Heaven's Vault
Heaven's Vault is a science fiction adventure game in which you will play as an archeologist. Download it now to discover ancient secrets.
8.5 Total Score
Heaven's Vault Preview Summary

  • The graphics are fantastic
  • The story is very engaging
  • You can make all kinds of choices
  • The alien language and their history is very interesting
  • The world feels full of life
  • No official release date just yet
  • Translating has a steep learning curve
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