Kaori After Story

Kaori After Story is a slice-of-life downloadable visual novel from the developers over at PixelFade Inc, a team known for a couple of other visual novels, such as Crystalline and ACE Academy, with the latter being the previous game for Kaori After Story.

How to Download Kaori After Story

Kaori After Story can be downloaded from Steam. To get the game, click on the Download button. You will find it at the end of this review.

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The Game Review

Released on the 3rd December 2018, the game follows on from Kaori’s ending from ACE Academy (2016), with you taking on the role of her boyfriend. What you do from here is down to you and your decisions as the player!

The (After)Story

Kaori After Story, considering the fact that the game is a visual novel, the game is designed to focus completely on the story and on very little else. Following on from Kaori’s ending from ACE Academy, you now play her boyfriend and must go through day to day life, discovering what it is she does and doesn’t like as the pair of you build up this new relationship of yours.

By nurturing it and making her happy, the visual novel will start to lean in a more positive direction and you’ll get the kind of relationship the two of you deserve – but if you’re not too careful, things may not stay in the honeymoon phase forever.

The Gameplay Kaori After Story

When it comes to the overall gameplay options, there really isn’t much to go by, since the game is solely a visual novel and does exactly what it says on the tin. To keep things interesting, on the odd occasion you will be expected to pick from one of several different options when speaking to Kaori. Depending on your selection, Kaori will either respond positively or negatively, all depending on how well you’ve gotten to know her as you’ve gone through the story.

Other than making decisions in the game, you simply just sit there, reading throughout the story, reading piece by piece and understanding the character of Kaori more and more, allowing for more character development than the previous game managed to achieve.

The game doesn’t offer much else to the ACE Academy story that the previous game has worked so much towards, but that’s to be expected with the game focusing on specifically Kaori. It’s there to teach you everything that’s happened after you chose Kaori in the original ACE Academy and makes playing the game almost pointless if you’ve not played the previous entry into the series. Otherwise, there’s a lot for the story to provide to a dedicated player who wishes to enjoy it from start to finish.

Similar Games

In terms of comparisons, Kaori After Story is pretty much identical to many other visual novels out on the market right now, such as the developer’s previous game, ACE Academy. Even the visuals are just like an anime-style that you’d expect from a manga, anime, or any other visual novel to have come out of Japan as of late.

Kaori After Story
Kaori After Story is a Christmas-themed anime visual novel. Download it now to spend some quality time with Kaori.
9.5 Total Score
Kaori After Story Review Summary

Anyone that likes a good visual novel with a sweet and compelling story, Kaori After Story is going to provide you with more than enough to enjoy throughout it all. This game is almost a must buy for anyone that played ACE Academy; especially if their favorite girl was Kaori.

  • Sweet and enjoyable slice-of-life story from start to finish
  • Bright and vivid anime-style throughout the game
  • Provides a satisfying extra segment of the story for any fan of Kaori
  • Choices don't really amount to much
  • Fan service may not be to everyone's tastes
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