Moe Era

I have played many visual novel games over the years, but Moe Era is one that has really stuck with me. The comparisons to games like Doki Doki Literature Club! are quite unfair as this is a game that marches to the beat of its own drum. I will start though by saying that this is the kind of game that you will either love or just think is dumb, I see no middle ground with this game.

How to Download Moe Era

You can get the game for free from Steam. Click on the Download button below the review.

The Game Review

I know when you see the images of the super cute anime girls, you will think that you have Moe Era figured out. Let me tell you, Moe Era is a game that is very hard to describe. The basics are you are in a small school with a few cute girls, just one teacher and a lot of weirdness. However, to borrow a line from Optimus Prime, there is more than meets the eye here.

One of the things that are hard about reviewing a game like Moe Era is that I want to talk for hours on end about the story, but I cannot. You see, your day starts with a strange slot machine mini-game that sets the tone for the kind of day you will be having. I never once expected that this game would make me question my life decisions, but it actually did.

The game tries to be kooky, weird and downright silly at times. Yet there is a lot of thought here in certain scenes and it will make you think. Like most other visual novel-style games, choices are here to be made and which of the four girls you connect with will most likely determine the kind of choices you make.

The four girls that are the stars of the game each have their own personality. What one you like best will ultimately be down to your own personality. The game at first throws you in at the deep end as you have to make a choice purely based on what one you like the look of best. This though will lead you to play the game multiple times so you can see what all the girls have to offer.

You know, we are deep into this review and I have not even told you the best thing! This is a game that is free to play. You are looking at around four hours for a playthrough and you can play through it multiple times. I am very impressed with the level of polish that is on offer here for a game that is not going to cost you a penny.

I was not expecting much from Moe Era, but it is certainly one of the more interesting visual novel style games I have played recently. The story is kind of weird, but I love how they have made it be goofy in some places and deep in others. As it is free to play, if you like visual novel-style games, you have nothing to lose here.

Moe Era
Moe Era is an anime visual novel that can be downloaded for free. Get it now and enjoy the cute characters and the story.
9 Total Score
Moe Era Review Summary

  • Each of the four girls has something special about them
  • Mini-games keep you on your toes
  • I like the way the story is funny and smart
  • The girls are cute without being too sexy which is a nice change of pace
  • It is free to play!
  • I really think some people will find this more dumb than clever
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