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Garena is an online distributor for several online, F2P titles, although whether they intend on having paid titles in the future remains to be seen. Originally founded in 2009, Garena has been going strong for a number of years, where several F2P titles can be downloaded through the platform, such as League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, and even FIFA Online 3. The way Garena does this is through integrating itself with the games themselves, allowing for a more streamlined platform for all of your friends and fellow players.

How to Download Garena

You can download Garena (sometimes also called Garena+) for free by clicking the Download button located below the review. The platform then offers you access to the following games:

The Program Review

Aesthetically, the platform has been designed very well and is designed for ease of access on the user’s part initially. After loading up the software for the first time, it’s designed in such a way to make it incredibly easy to figure out exactly what you need to do and fails to confuse the player at any one point. The whole point of Garena is to make things easier and that’s just how the developers intended for its design from start to finish.

The main purpose of Garena is to install and play the games through the platform, similar to something like Steam, UPlay, and Origin. Once the game is downloaded, you can play it as you usually would, but it has the interactivity and support of the platform that you’d expect out of something like Steam.

For instance, you can invite “buddies” onto your friends’ list, chat to them throughout the platform, and even invite them to your games, all through the use of the Garena platform. On top of this, you can create your own parties with these people to either chat in a group with or speak over voice chat, all depending on how you prefer to play your games with your friends.

Inside the platform, you can also spend money on purchasing premium currency known as “Shells”. Shells can be used to make a purchase on the platform’s store, which typically translates to buying items onto whichever game you so choose that’s currently available on the platform. You’re welcome to make the purchases through the actual game itself, rather through Garena, but there isn’t much benefit to doing it either way or vice versa, as you get the item you paid for all the same.

Easily one of the biggest comparisons to this platform would have to be Steam, with the fact it’s the biggest competitor out on the market, so everyone wants to be like Steam. With Garena, however, it makes sure to focus on a very small number of F2P titles to build up trust and confidence with its player base, without having to worry about an overwhelming catalog. Due to this decision choice, it makes the simplicity of Garena so much easier to understand and enjoy from the very get-go.

Anyone looking for an interesting self-integrated platform for League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth is going to find a great amount of use out of Garena. It’s a great way to stick together with your community of friends, without having to spend hours on end, just trying to figure out how the whole thing works.

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